Hot Mess Club Pin

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Pins are not edible, but still Bon.
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The beloved Hot Mess Club Pins are BACK and just as legit as ever! Our friends over at Laser Rays in Detroit have striked again and made another totally-cute-totally-wearable acrylic pin for you & Nan to wear M,T,W,T,F,S,&S. 

Originally invented for those who partook in a ceremonial 'Hot Mess' bite, these have been a coveted item for Hot Mess eaters and non-participators who identify with the title nonetheless. So TA-DA! Here it is! For anyone and everyone but especially for the real Hot Messes out there.


This product isn't edible but if you're keen to take a peek at some of our other stuff visit our allergy page, shoot us an email at, send us a pigeon carrier, or knock on our door to get the deets. 

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