What the h#ll is Bon Bon Bon?

Nestled in a tiny, mighty enclave of the Motor City, The Babes Babes Babes (as they call us) do our upmost on the daily to make the goodest goodies and sweetest sweets for our Metropolis and the world ‘round. Incubated by the local loyalty, ingenuity, innovation, industry, immigration, and iconic beat of the good people who put the world on wheels, Bon Bon Bon challenges the status quo of the chocolate industry using Midwestern values.

Our Hand-u-Factory's Humble beginnings

Bon Bon Bon founder and Head Chocolatier, Alexandra Clark, was born into a chocolate loving family who werenʼt surprised at all when at 19, she announced that she had decided to dedicate her life to the art of chocolate.

Traveling the world studying her craft as an economist, confectioner and retailer, she felt overwhelmed with questions that no one could seem to answer.With $32,000 from a taxi accident that she was in (leaving a chocolate show of all things), Clark opened up her experiment of a shop in the back room of a Coney Island (read “diner” if youʼre not from Detroit) across the street from her best friendʼs grandpaʼs house.

Back then, we were open Saturdays only. Our sole sign invited customers to peek in the windows, check us out online, and to “Knock Again if You Have Champagne”. Neighbors, friends and family would drop in day by day feeding our enthusiasm, experimentation and creativity eventually garnering national attention for the craftsmanship, attitude and style of Clarkʼs team.

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Introducing us, The Babes Babes Babes

The team was just a bunch of employees until our neighbor, who we lovingly refer to as “Crazy Mike” (he prefers “Zulu”, case in point), coined us “The Babes Babes Babes”.

This badass group of people are from across the city and around the world. Different as could be, we share one thing in common: a livelihood based on the idea that good people deserve good chocolate.

Together, The Babes Babes Babes have received acclaim from Bon Appetit, Food & Wine Magazine and Tasting Table, Martha Stewart (American Made Honoree, Brand), Crainʼs (“20 in their 20s”) and Forbes Magazine who named Clark “The Best Pastry Chef Under 30” (on their list of “30 under 30”).

Michigan-Made biz

Born in the back of a coney island in 2014

Hand-crafted Goods

Each Bon is made by hand (and with so much love)

Quality Ingredients

We use the freshest and bestest of the best

Industry Acclaimed

We feel weird saying it, but have we won awards!

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