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Love Letters!

"The twisted geniuses at Bon Bon Bon have the lethal combination of both crazy unique packaging and flavors only a really stoned Willy Wonka could dream up."

"Best Truffles & Ganaches: Bon Bon Bon, a hip and cheeky producer out of Detroit... chooses to leave its bonbons topless — a very risqué move.Bon Bon Bon, a hip and cheeky producer out of Detroit... chooses to leave its bonbons topless — a very risqué move."

"Detroit's favorite chocolate maker" 

"Opening ... boiled down to a desire to break confectionery dogma that no longer made any sense."

"It was love at first sight with Detroit’s Bon Bon Bon chocolates. Instead of the usual hunt for the coconut-filled truffles, every flavor is a discovery on its own"

"Bon Bon Bon has brought a new sense of creativity and craftsmanship to chocolate" American Made Award Winner,  Brand, 2015

"Ici, on aime le dur labeur, on travaille beaucoup pour arriver à nos fins », lance Alexandra qui, il y a maintenant douze ans, a foncé tête baissée dans le milieu."

"As chocolatiers, or the 'Babes Babes Babes' (as our neighborhood calls us), we have lived and worked in so many different places around the world. When we're coming up with a new collection or a new flavor, our minds are reaching for culinary resources that, in most communities, would not be available."

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"'Bon bon bon' in French translates to 'good goodie.' And that’s what she’s serving up."

"The sign on the door of Bon Bon Bon’s little storefront in Hamtramck tells would-be patrons that the shop is only open on Saturdays, but that they may come in other days if they bring champagne. That’s not a joke." (2014)

Detroit Metro Times logo

"Willy Wonka's got nothing on the women of Hamtramck-based chocolate factory Bon Bon Bon."

"Bon Bon Bon’s industrial aesthetic isn’t hipster affectation. It’s born-and-bred Motor City practicality"

"...craft bonbons with ingredients that wouldn’t sound out of place on a tasting menu at Le Bernardin: green tomato confiture, sage-pear pate de fruit, pepita gianduja."

"One of the businesses thriving is Bon Bon Bon, the City's first artisan chocolate shop in over 40 years". 

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"These handmade chocolates are so delightfully decorated that they’ll strike you with a bit of nostalgia for all those handmade valentines you got as a kid."

"Conveniently located next door to The Detroit Free Press, Bon flavors are astoundingly creative."