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Become a Babe Babe Babe


The Babes Babes Babes are a tremendous team of humans working together to provide the goodest chocolate experience we possibly can with whatever the world throws at us. TBH, the world is a tough place and sometimes our job is too! But, if it would be your honor to serve the goodest choc you could possibly choc to the good people of Detroit and the world 'round, in the goodest way you know how, maybe you're just the rad Babe we need.

Oh, and the Babes Babes Babes aren't only women! We're a diverse and open-minded crew and we know that humans are Babe-a-licious in all forms. Babe-ness is a mindset available to all, and all are welcome here <3


"I thoroughly enjoyed working in such a supportive, loving, and deliciously smelling environment."

- Marilyn (Babe Babe Babe Circa '23)

Who we are + what we believe

Our team is broken up into departments including Production, Retail, Sales, Marketing, and Office & Admin. No matter your department, here are some of the core values we share:

Good people deserve good chocolate. Sincerely good chocolate - which is no easy task! Although it is a lot of fun, this job is hard work. It’s all about the details! Details in our service that make visiting us special, details in our chocolate that make eating it special, and details in everything that we do.

Bringing a positive attitude and an open mind to every interaction is a key part of making Bon Bon Bon, Bon. To be positive means approaching things with a can-do attitude, spreading good, uplifting energy, and being open to the best effort and partnership of people very different from yourself.

“Team player,” “willing to help” ...we have called this core value many things in the past. We are not the kind of people who sit back and hope things work out, we are the type of people who make good things happen. We don’t abandon people when their responsibilities are overwhelming, we help.

All the Bon-efits! (Bon benefits)

Snacks? Tampons? You got it. And healthcare for full-time staff!

A diverse team

We're an inclusive team of Babes from all over the world who speak different languages with different life experiences.

Growth & Development

If it's important to you, it's important to us. Let us help you reach your goals!

Pet-friendly environment

Did we mention we love pets? Our pets, your pets, everyone's pets. Not in the kitchen though. Sorry Lotto.