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Bons are hand-piped, hand-packaged & shipped with care. If you place your order for this product today, your first shipment will arrive in APRIL.
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Time to ditch the alarm reminders and take care of your future-self with this all-in-one-sweep of each of our limited edition Seasonal Collection boxes. Click "add to cart" once and get 5 extra Bon shipments over the course of a year. The Valentine's Day Collection, The Spring Collection, The Summer (Vegan) Collection, The Fall Collection, and The Winter Collection plus extra goodies that only peeps who get this get, and exclusive #Bontent in every shipment. 

Gift it to that one friend who needs seasonal reminders of how Bon they are, which is really just a direct reflection of how Bon you actually are.

If you'd like to get more deets on each of the Bons included in this mother-of-all-collections bundle, visit our allergy page, shoot us an email at [email protected], send us a pigeon carrier, or knock on our door to get the 4-1-1.

This product's price includes the cost of shipping, so please select the free version that gets offered to you at checkout! If for some reason you are needing to change the recipient's shipping information, please reach out to us at [email protected] Each package will get shipped out in the following months:

  • February (Valentine's Day Collection)
  • April (Spring Collection)
  • July (Summer Collection)
  • October (Fall Collection)
  • December (Winter Collection)

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