Bon Bon Bon Valentine's Day Collection x Jon Kung x Jordan Sondler

Bon Bon Bon Valentine's Day Collection x Jon Kung x Jordan Sondler

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sometimes we make, Bons with Yuzu
A new year means another Valentine's Day Collection prep is happening in the background of your life and in the forefront of ours <3 
Our favorite not-holiday-holiday let's us have as much fun as we want without taking ourselves too seriously. And this time, we called in back up for this "not too seriously" part - Our celeb chef crush, who is actually a very seriously big deal, @jonkung agreed to collab with us to make 14 dreamy, creamy, and even ube-y Vday flavors for you to enjoy this upcoming month of love 🍫⁠
Somehow we ALSO convinced @jordansondler to pause her pet portraits for a sec and instead work with us to design the VDay box and trust us, it's 🔥CUTE AF🔥⁠

We searched the ends of the earth and all corners of the internet to find some of our fav ingredients- @jonkung 's master stock and salt blend, yuzu, sansho, matcha, blueberry muffins, puppy chow, and ube pancakes to name a few, so that we can make this 14 piece Box of Bon Bons one unlike any other. 

Available only once, reserve your Bon Bon Bon Valentine's Day Collection x Jon Kung x Jordan Sondler ⁠to get it shipped directly to you or your sweetie's door. 

Flavors featured in this Collection include:⁠

1. Dear Jon - Matcha ganache, creamy espresso ganache, dark chocolate⁠

2. Bear Hug - Smoky whisky caramel, dark chocolate ganache⁠

3. Stud Muffin - Blueberry muffin ganache, cream cheese icing, candy studs⁠

4. Family Jewels - Honey roasted peanut butter, banana⁠

5. Puppy Love - Puppy chow, milk chocolate⁠

6. Cherry Pop - Dark poppy ganache, cherry confiture, Jon Kung’s Salt Blend⁠

7. Rose & Thorn - Rose petal infused white chocolate ganache with a hint of white pepper⁠

8. Sor-Bae - Yuzu Sansho cream ganache, yuzu confiture, feuilletine⁠

9. Nudes - Nude chocolates, swirled "au naturale"⁠

10. Ube-by, Baby - Ube pancakes, butter, sprinkles⁠

11. Pandan Padam - Pandan cake ganache, custard ganache⁠

12. Hot Mama - Dark chocolate ganache, Jon Kung’s Master Stock, milk chocolate⁠

13. S&M - Strawberries, mascarpone, rice croquant⁠

14. Cream Dream - Milk tea ganache, milk tea caramel, candy boba

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