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The Babes Babes Babes and Chef Jon Kung have paired up again to bring you a limited edition, super Bon love affair in the form of 14 Valentine's Day Bon Bons.

Hand made in the mitten state, each polite (or impolite) bite(s), was carefully dreamt up by Head Chocolatier, Alexandra Clark and our Chef celeb crush, Jon Kung - we're still pinching ourselves!

Featuring new flavors and introducing new ingredients to this Collection, we couldn't be more excited for you to experience this level of realness - that real kind of love. It's not all the lace and heart shaped boxes kind of love that the stereotype of 'Valentine's Day' often presents.

Sometimes the deepest kind of love is pancakes or doing a collab with a friend and sometimes it's finding kindness and space for yourself. So without further adieu, we hope you enjoy these new Bon flavors like "Hot Mama" and "Pandan Padam" and familiar favs like "Nudes" are being hand made to perfection already for you to enjoy solo or to share with someone you love.

Speaking of that "someone you love", have we introduced our friend, Jordan Sondler (@jordansondler)? Art extraordinaire, Jordan, is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, professor and the author of Feel It Out. She designs many things—including murals, television sets, books about feelings, children's clothing, 90's nostalgia diaries, and beyond.

This time, the "beyond" is The Valentine's Day Collection packaging art! Limited edition decorative wrapping tape and sticker that accompanies each of these Boxes, was made by the oh-so-talented, Jordan, and we're still freaking out that she said yes to doing it.

And allow us to gush over our Valentine's Day Collection collaborator, Jon Kung (@jonkung). Jon is a content creator with a following of over 2.5 million people across socials and the author of Kung Food, a cookbook focused on New Chinese American cuisine (available now). He is based in Detroit where he was known for hosting his secret dinners and brunches in Eastern Market before the pandemic (they were the real deal). Check out all things Jon because you might regret it if you don't!

For a second time in BBB history, Jon agreed to collab on the 14 flavors featured in this collection. He's so for real, we even get to his own signature ingredients in some of these Bons! And yes, we have a huge crush on him and we think he likes us too ;)


Flavors in this collection include:

1. Dear Jon - Matcha ganache, creamy espresso ganache, dark chocolate

2. Bear Hug - Smoky whisky caramel, dark chocolate ganache

3. Stud Muffin - Blueberry muffin ganache, cream cheese icing, candy studs

4. Family Jewels - Honey roasted peanut butter, banana

5. Puppy Love - Puppy chow, milk chocolate

6. Cherry Pop - Dark poppy ganache, cherry confiture, Jon Kung’s Salt Blend

7. Rose & Thorn - Rose petal infused white chocolate ganache with a hint of white pepper

8. Sor-Bae - Yuzu Sansho cream ganache, yuzu confiture, feuilletine

9. Nudes - Nude chocolates, swirled "au naturale"

10. Ube-by, Baby - Ube pancakes, butter, sprinkles

11. Pandan Padam - Pandan cake ganache, custard ganache

12. Hot Mama - Dark Chocolate Ganache, Jon Kung’s Master Stock, milk chocolate

13. S&M - Strawberries, Mascarpone, Rice croquant

14. Cream Dream - Milk tea ganache, milk tea caramel, candy boba

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