Chocolate Tri-Bon-Cera-Tops

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Okay, so get nerdy with us for a moment: 

Tri-Bon-Cera-Tops is a genus of chocolate ceratopsid dinosaur that first appeared during the early 21st century in what is now known to be, Detroit, Michigan.

It is one of the only known edible dinosaur genera. The name "Tri-Bon-Cera-Tops," which means "three Bon horn face," is sort-of derived from Ancient Greek in the brains of chocolatiers. Bearing a large chocolate horn and four legged body, it possesses similarities to the (similarly uncommon) chocolate rhinoceros.

This is a "fully-filled" ceratopsid also known as a "solid chocolate" creature and has been observed in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate. Although the Tri-Bon-Cera-Tops can quickly procreate, it remains threatened due to its delicious nature. 

Roar with delight as you embark on a prehistoric chocolate adventure with these dino-shaped solid chocolate gifts. (Great for kids of all ages!)

Crafted with care and packaged in our Hamtramck, Michigan chocolate factory, these bring a touch of joy and playfulness to your chocolate experience, paying homage to the mighty creatures that once roamed the Earth. 

Unleash your inner paleontologist when you embrace the sweetness of the past with our Chocolate Tri-Bon-Cera-Tops. 

Chocolate Dark Chocolate

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Ship the Vday Collection

Spring Collection - Shipping

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Each year, we try to best ourselves. We owe it to you to improve any and all ways we can. Whether it’s getting better ingredients, switching to a local source, or even in delivering a better kind of service. 

This spring we’ve collaborated with the cake geniuses at Sweet Heather Anne for something entirely new! A huge thank you goes out to their team for lending the time, ideas, and friendship to make this happen. We don’t often spend an entire collection interpreting someone else’s vision through chocolate, but a chance like this was too enticing to pass up. It’s an opportunity to bring a new, elegant taste treat to our fans and for all the Sweet Heather Anne fans out there to experience the confections they know and love in a new medium. The result is a refreshing and delightful “something different” that really feels like a whole lot of fun and a breath of fresh air all at the same time - perfect for Spring!

Your purchase allows us to make sincerely good chocolate not just for Mother’s Day, but for all other future holidays, the random Tuesday that will inevitably cheer someone up on a bad day, and even allows us to support the Detroit and Ecuador economies. 

Hand made in Hamtramck, MI in a 100 year old building that is now a chocolate factory, The Babes Babes Babes bring you 12 of their finest Spring inspired flavors - and in time for Mother’s Day ;)

This collection is new and improved, incredibly decadent, and the perfect gift for the mom or mom adjacent in your life. 

Sweet Heather Anne x Bon Bon Bon