Questions & Support

Questions & Support


Hi! We’re here for you! Have questions or concerns? You can give us a call Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm EST. Or e-mail us we’ll get back to you by the following business day.

A very Bon photo of a cutie in Bon gear by Michelle & Chris Gerard.

Shipping & Packaging

Shipping & Packaging


This Side Up

We ship every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to anywhere in the United States using UPS. We will not ship over the weekend in order to avoid the possibility of orders being held in warm shipping facilities or delivery trucks.

If you need your order to be delivered on a certain date, please contact via phone or email so we can make the necessary arrangements for you. Please note, if your order is time sensitive, we can guarantee your chocolate arriving to UPS, and UPS guarantees it arrives on time.

We cannot control the holding and transportation of your chocolate en route to you! We wish we could, but instead we must recommend that you ship responsibly for optimum product quality upon arrival! If there is a problem with your shipment, please contact UPS at (800) 742-5877.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday after 9am
    to Sunday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • The following Monday

If youʼre shipping Bons to a warm climate (70 degrees or above) we highly recommend expedited shipping. If expedited shipping is not selected at checkout, Bon Bon Bon cannot assume responsibility for melted Bons. If expedited shipping is selected for warm climate destinations, we will include ice packs and insulation for your order. Otherwise, we will assume that you are taking the risk of receiving melted chocolate.



  • What is a Bon?

    Bon Bon Bons are “good goodies,” which essentially means that they can be made up of whatever sweet little concoctions we can dream up! This gives us the opportunity to come up with Bons using lots of local ingredients, some very far-away ingredients and a little artistic interpretation to create flavors that range from classic to bizarre, familiar to exotic, all-candy to all-chocolate. They're fun, can you tell? They're delicious, too!

  • What's up with your packaging?

    "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" to us, is a problem that seems so easy to fix! Bon Bon Bons, or "Bons" as they're called on the street here in Detroit, are labelled, so you always know what you are going to get! The boxes are built to order which means you never need to guess how many are in a pound and we will never force you to fill a 12-piece box when all you wanted was eight! The packaging itself is 100% curbside recyclable and sources from less than a mile away from our little manufactory!

  • How do I open the Box?

    Carefully! Kidding... First, lay the Box Box Box on a flat surface, Bon Bon Bon side up! Then, slit through the black and white "BON" tape on the far left and far right of you! You’re almost there. Now, remove the rubber band carefully....and....Voila! You should see a line of Bons down the center of the box, each labelled and ready to eat! When you are opening the little orange box, think of a finger trap! What you want to do is leave the sticker on and pull out the "flaps" on each side. When each flap is folded down, stick your finger through to push the Bon out one of the sides!

    • A very Bon photo of how to open a box of Bons by Michelle & Chris Gerard.
    • A very Bon photo of how to open a box of Bons by Michelle & Chris Gerard.
    • A very Bon photo of how to open a box of Bons by Michelle & Chris Gerard.
  • Who are "The Babes Babes Babes"?

    The Babes Babes Babes are a group of hyper-diverse (mostly) women (sorry, Alex G.) who are united by their dedication to creativity, chocolate and community! Some of us are shy, some are outgoing, we're all a bit sassy and all a bit snuggly. Other than that we could not be more different, and we aim to keep it that way! It keeps us creative, and constantly facing new experiences. Together we can do anything.

  • How do you invent new flavors?

    We don't totally know! But we like to do it... every day, really! If anyone is looking to do some academic research on innovation in a small company, we'd be curious to hear you tell us how this magical process is actually working! Teach us! We love learning!

  • How does Bon Bon Bon manage allergies?

    We produce all of our Bons in a little tiny manufactory that handles nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, honey, shellfish, and meat. Please note that we are able to avoid these items when we’re made aware of certain allergies. We cannot however, guarantee that any of our Bons are completely free from any of the items listed above. We don't want to hurt you! Ever! So, if you have a severe or life threatening allergy, please refrain from eating Bons.

  • Can I include a note with my order if itʼs a gift?

    Of course! While in store, ask us for a note stamp on your box. We also have gift cards made by local artists available for purchase. Let us know how we can make it special! We live for this stuff...

  • How long do bons last?

    Our Bons are made fresh with local ingredients. Unlike more conventional chocolate, we don't use preservatives and tons of sugar, which means they taste way better but have a way shorter shelf life. We guarantee each Bon is good for a week after it leaves the shop. If you have a special event, place your order accordingly so your Bons are as fresh as possible.

  • Can I place a larger order for an event?

    You certainly can! We love events and making custom bons that fit your vision! See our Events & Large Orders page for more detailed information. Please email to inquire.

  • What if I have a question that is not listed here?

    Reach out! We are happy to help. Email us at or call your closest location and we will assist you as soon as possible!

Events & Special Orders

Events & Special Orders

We are beyond excited to be a part of your special day, whatever it may be! Mitzvah, wedding, work thing, tastings, pop-ups, corporate parties, half-birthdays, fundraisers, dinner parties, showers, break-up party — you name it.

From hotel welcome gifts to party favors to assortments of beautiful, classic, and/or bizarre chocolates, the versatility of our product and packaging allows for a wide array of chocolate services. We love the creative process of developing the perfect treat for your occasion! For example, do you really love oatmeal cream pies and your favorite color is purple?! We can do that. And we have!

To get the ball rolling, we need some info from you. Please fill out the form below with some initial details about your order. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will get back to you shortly. Please note that we need at least 2 weeksʼ lead time before your event. Talk to you soon!

Good People Deserve Good Chocolate

The special order form is currently unvailable. Please email us directly.

Please include the your name, how to contact you, the date of your event, and the approximate number of bons needed or people attending, plus any other details you'd like to share.