We <3 Jordan Sondler!

We <3 Jordan Sondler!

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It is our distinct honor to partner with the one and only Jordan Sondler for a Valentine's Collection that is really unlike any other! 

We are long time fans and first time collaborators with Jordan and it all started with a missed connection where we met her for real and in person at a pop up in Brooklyn and she "looked familiar" but it wasn't until she had already left that we realized that the woman who was off to go to a market of her own where she was going to be doing "some pet portraits" was THE JORDAN SONDLER! We were kicking ourselves and so embarrassed when we were tardy to fangirl her and had to do so in internet follow up but then thrilled when not just the missed connection was mutual but so was all of that love. 

There are so many things about Jordan that we love. We love how she prioritizes joy without fear of exploring the deepest depths of darker places. We love her honesty, her kindness, her use of color and maybe more than anything we love the way that so much of her work feels like it brings an outstretched friendly hand to the observer, welcoming them to a place that maybe otherwise they were afraid to go. 


We love this because we have always hoped that Bons could do that. Maybe an ingredient is interesting but kind of scary to someone who has never heard it before. We strive to learn what Jordan knows so well - how to invite, befriend and honor others with trust. 

There's some really amazing things that Jordan loves, too! We asked her to take a moment to share what she loves in life and we are thrilled to do so with you here:

Jordan's Food Loves: Cake and parmesan cheese. Not together, but I always have a block of parmesan in my refrigerator and I am always dreaming about cake.
Jordan's Art Loves: I am such a huge fan of Calder's Circus and the work of Charles Schulz. I love Angel Olsen, and find Vince Guaraldi to be perfect for everything from working to, to driving. Pleasant and festive. 
Jordan's Animal Loves: My rescue Pomeranian Ramona! She drives me nuts but life without her would be absolutely dull and unimaginable. I also love bunnies.
Here's Jordan with Ramona! 
Note that we also love that Ramona's leash looks like it came from a place called Bone Bone Bone. 
Jordan's Maybe Weird Love: I love to talk about grief! And I love to make art about it. I cohost a grief group with a friend called The Dead Parent Club. It's brought a lot of cool people and conversations into my life. 
Another Important Thing (Person) That Jordan Loves: My dad. He died when I was a teenager and I presently spend my time feeling connected to him and other people who have experienced big loss. I love to make art for him and my 14 year old self.
When we asked Jordan to share some of her own work that she loves, she passed along the following: 
Her Book, Feel It Out published with Harper Collins
Also her greeting cards available through 1973
Jordan's greeting cards, available through 1973

Also, check out her website where you can stay up to date on projects she is working on as well as get lost for hours in amazing interesting wonderfulness. 

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