Chef Jon Kung & Alexandra Clark's Sor-Bae: A Citrusy Symphony in Bon Bon Bon's Valentine's Day Lineup

Chef Jon Kung & Alexandra Clark's Sor-Bae: A Citrusy Symphony in Bon Bon Bon's Valentine's Day Lineup

Posted by Ale Rodriguez on

Guess what? Cupid just called, and he's ditching the arrows for something even more irresistible – our Sor-Bae Bon from the Valentine's Day Collection!

Picture this: Yuzu sansho cream ganache, yuzu confiture, and feuilletine, all wrapped up in a white chocolate shell. Talk about a flavor explosion that's bound to make your taste buds DANCE.

We've teamed up with the culinary genius, Chef Jon Kung, to create a love potion that's as cheeky and romantic as your favorite rom-com. This Bon is like the rebel of the bunch – it's got attitude, sass, and a whole lot of flavor.

**Let's Break It Down:**

*Yuzu Sansho Cream Ganache:* If you've never danced with yuzu before, you're in for a citrusy surprise. This creamy ganache is like the Beyoncé of the ball – bold, zesty, and stealing the spotlight.

Beyonce in a yellow dress

*Yuzu Confiture:* We're not just stopping at ganache, oh no! Our Sor-Bae is also playing cupid with a yuzu confiture that's the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. It's like a fruit-filled love letter sealed with a chocolatey kiss.

*Feuilletine:* Hold up, we're not done yet! We've added a crispy, crunchy feuilletine layer to keep things exciting. It's the unexpected twist that'll have you saying, "Where have you been all my life, Sor-Bae?"

*White Chocolate Shell:* And of course, we've got the classic white chocolate shell, because let's face it – everything's better with a little white chocolate magic. Even if you don't think so, just try THIS white chocolate.

**Why Chef Jon Kung?**

Chef Jon Kung

Who else to trust with the creation of this sassy Bon than the culinary flavor wizard himself, Chef Jon Kung? He's got the Midas touch when it comes to flavors, and he's sprinkled just the right amount of love and mischief into Sor-Bae.

So, are you ready to spice up your Valentine's Day? Click here to check out the full collection and snag your Sor-Bae before they're all swept away in a chocolatey love affair.

**More Yumminess Await:**

1. Chef Jon Kung's IG – Because you'll want to explore more of his culinary magic.
2. Yuzu Lovers Anonymous – Join the yuzu fan club and share your Sor-Bae experience!
3. Bon Bon Bon IG – (shameless plug here) Double-tap your way through our drool-worthy posts.

Get ready to indulge in a love story written in chocolate! 💖🍫✨

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