Valentine's Day Collection 2018

Valentine's Day Collection 2018

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This milk chocolate shell is filled with house-made orange blossom buttercream and topped with a rainbow of buttery white chocolate and a glittery heart sprinkle.

Gummy bear molds work great for chocolate too! This handmade bon bon tastes like a candy bar! It is a dark chocolate shell filled with smoked maple syrup milk chocolate ganache, topped with a chocolate bear and chocolate shavings AKA chest hair.

Housemade cinnamon rolls are wizzed up to fill this milk chocolate shell with honey caramel honey bun ganache. Each bon is topped with a cute lil butt (either milk, dark or white) and a sprinkling of bee pollen.

Violet cream and rose ganache are tucked into this handmade chocolate shell. Each bon bon is topped with a white chocolate violet that is airbrushed and hand painted.

This Bon personifies the Old Fashioned cocktail. Whisky caramel is topped with a cherry and bitters confiture and a dark chocolate "ice cube" and glacee orange. The perfect garnish!

This super dark chocolate bon bon is filled with champagne ganache. The dark chocolate shell is hand painted gold.

This spicy bon bon is buttery white chocolate tempered then mixed with flaming hot cheetos and Zingerman's Spanish paprika chips.

Toasted poppy seeds give this Cherry Pop bon bon a little bit of dat popcorn flavor!

Oyster sauce caramel, spirulina ganache, and hand painted cookie pearls. Each pearl is hand painted and individually placed on each bon bon.

Can you believe this Bon is Alex's mom's favorite!? She looks forward to it every year. It's the perfect combo of tart and sweet.

Do you love baklava as much as we love baklava?! This milk chocolate shell is filled with baklava and topped with phyllo noodles and pistachio.

Black Like My Heart is a white chocolate shell filled with a dutch process cocoa ganache. It's totally oreo-esque!

Pea flower ganache and snow pea confiture in chocolate?! Yeah it's happening and it's beautiful. Tastes like summer!

Drake on cake in a Bon! This is a milk chocolate shell filled with jaconde sponge and tart passionfruit ganache.

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