Production talks Fall Collection!

Production talks Fall Collection!

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We sat down with Babe Babe Babe Cayla Cleaver to
ask her about the Fall Collection and she had lots to say! Read on to find out about the Fall Collection
and how we make Bon Bon Bons. 

Hi! What is your name and position at Bon Bon Bon?

My name is Cayla Cleaver, and I am the PM Production Supervisor at Bon Bon Bon.


Cayla we're here today to talk about the Fall Collection and all of your hard work that has gone into it. Could you start by telling me your fave Bon to make?

My favorite Bon to make is easily Parsnip-i-tea, because it was very difficult to make. It’s not as easy as some of the other Bons, because you have to make the base confiture, the ganache, and then you begin piping. For the ganache component of Parsnip-i-tea, you had to make three separate things. So in order to make the Parsnip Buttermilk Filling, you had to make a purée first. This required mincing all of the parsnips, boiling them down with the heavy cream, once it’s cooled you have to take the same purée to make a tart filling which has cinnamon, nutmeg, and some other good things. This gets turned into the ganache which you cut with some white chocolate.


How long does it take to make Parsnip-i-tea, start to finish?

Once we have the shells, it takes about 2.5 hours to make a batch of Parsnip-i-tea, which is only 1 of 12 flavors in the Collection.

 Do you think using fresh produce as ingredients makes a huge difference?

Oh most definitely! As a pastry chef, I have had a lot of different experience and I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years now, and for me I’ve honestly never seen so many fresh ingredients go into a treat. A lot of the times places are using frozen produce, but here, I have seen a lot of fresh produce come in. It makes a huge difference in the taste, the texture, all of that.

When do you use the produce for the Bons?

To be really honest, it seems as though when we get the produce in, we use it that day. So for example, I know when we had the pears come in, I peeled, cut, cored them, boiled them down, and then we made our pear darjeeling confiture, all within a short amount of time. We don’t hold on to the produce for very long where we are not getting the best of the product.

How important do you think it is to use locally sourced ingredients and why?

I think that it’s important, but also really cool. I’ve never worked for a company that does this. Using products from where I grew up and surrounding areas is really nice.

What are you most proud of from this Collection all together?

I’m proud of the teamwork, honestly. People go behind you and make sure that the products go out the way they are supposed to, as opposed to just sending them out any way - avoiding the most minor mistakes. Like the other day, we were making the white chocolate butter pats for the Zucchini Bread & Honey Butter Bon, and we forgot to put the butter in it. That’s important, it needs to have that buttery taste! Even though it was small, we went back and fixed it.

What are your wishes for how this Collection is received?

I hope everyone tries every flavor! You have to try the flavors you don’t think you’ll like. For me, I wasn’t so sure I was going to be into Salty Old Sage. ‘Sage, salt, and chocolate? I don’t really know!’ Try that one. Try the ones you are iffy about and you’ll be surprised!

Any closing remarks?

Don’t underestimate Bon Bon Bon! Don’t be like me. ‘Savory going into chocolate? I’m not sure.’ No. Don’t underestimate flavor potentials!!!

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