Bon Bon Bon makes Bon Bon Bons in Hamtramck, the heart of Detroit, Michigan.

In our tiny hand-u-factory, internationally trained artisan confiseurs (known on our street as "The Babes Babes Babes") use classic French technique in conjunction with a little Detroit ingenuity, a lot of local ingredients and some artistic interpretation to create flavors that range from classic (Nonpareils), to bizarre (Hot Cheetoh!), familiar (Coffee & Donuts), to exotic (Black Truffle), all-candy to all-chocolate.

Blending seven very different, yet equally fantastic chocolates each Bon Bon Bon packs two polite bites (or, one less-than-polite bite. We don't judge!) of big, bon flavor.

We believe that good people deserve good chocolate and we are absolutely honored to serve our home-sweet-Hamtramck and the rest of this great city doing what we do best.

Bon Bon Bons are "good goodies" that don't need all the ribbons and lace. No ruffly paper cups, wax-molded bunnies, models in chef coats or couture caramels. Just good chocolate. Good chocolate made from good things for the good people of the Motor City and the world 'round.


“…crazy unique packaging and flavors only a really stoned Willy Wonka could dream up”


Our Story

Alexandra Clark was born into a chocolate loving family who wasnʼt surprised at all when at 19, she announced that she had decided to dedicate her life to the art of chocolate. Traveling the world studying her craft as an economist, confectioner and retailer, she felt overwhelmed with questions that no one could seem to answer.

With $32,000 from a taxi accident that she was in (leaving a chocolate show) Clark opened up her experiment of a shop in the back room of a Coney (read “diner” if youʼre not from Detroit) across the street from her best friendʼs grandpaʼs house.

Back then, we were open Saturdays only. Our sole sign invited customers to peek in the windows, check us out online and to “Knock Again if You Have Champagne”. Neighbors, friends and family would drop in day by day feeding our enthusiasm, experimentation and creativity eventually garnering national attention for the craftsmanship, attitude and style of Clarkʼs team, known as The Babes Babes Babes.

Together, they have received acclaim from Bon Appetit, Food & Wine Magazine and Tasting Table, Martha Stewart (American Made Honoree, Brand), Crainʼs (“20 in their 20s”) and Forbes Magazine who named her “The Best Pastry Chef Under 30” (on their list of “30 under 30”).


The Babes
Babes Babes

We were just employees until our neighbor, who we lovingly refer to as “Crazy Mike” (he prefers “Zulu”, case in point), coined us “The Babes Babes Babes”. These badass people are from across the city and around the world. Different as could be, we share one thing in common: a livelihood and sisterhood based on the idea that good people deserve good chocolate.


We also love working with Michelle and Chris Gerard to photograph every collection!