true love

A playlist of romantic tunes to listen to with that special someone or while thinking fondly of someone special or while washing the dishes. Your call!

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Not into that vibe? Here are some others:


True classics! All the greats! Some songs have been around forever but never get old. This is probably what they were listening to on the very first Valentine's Day.

Something Saxy

Nothing makes or breaks a song like the saxophone. Cheesy? Maybe. But sometimes that saxophone solo is the transcendent moment your day was missing. And who would ever argue with Sade?

Bad Romance

Outlook on love not so good? Pour some wine, take a bath, turn up the stereo, and drown your sorrows with these tunes. And plenty of chocolate.

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Do you miss the days of saying how you feel via mix tape? Do you wish you still had a boombox and a land line? Us too. That's why we made a piece of chocolate in the shape of a mix tape.

This all-chocolate mix tape a harmonious combination of our dark and white chocolates swirled together in this remixed tape. Buy one for yourself or give one, along with your deepest heartfelt feelings to your crush. We hope they just ordered one for you, too!

Mixed tapes are perishable, edible (even the fondant label!), and 100% Bon. 

Tasty animation by Detroit's own Ellen Coons.