Plenty of Bons: An Expert Guide to Our Regular Collection

Plenty of Bons: An Expert Guide to Our Regular Collection

Posted by Mar Manzanares-Brock on

Looking at the full collection in all it's glory you might still wonder... which one do I want?? We have consulted with the top experts on Bons (everyone that works here) and have gathered intel that could help you make your choice next time you find yourself at our digital or IRL counter:

High Tea: An underrated Bon, in the words of Fer (from the Rustbelt and Midtown shops). The combination of Earl Grey & hemp seed gianduja is a top choice for 4/20 and/or fancy tea enthusiasts. 

PB&J: An elevated classic, per Lybia from our Parker's Alley shop. No crust, just the best parts of a PB&J, plus chocolate. Can’t miss!

Dark up: Top to bottom, left to right, as Ali from Production said, it is perfect for dark chocolate lovers. Also one of Molly’s (Ann Arbor shop) favorites at any given time! 

Salty Sap: Lauren (from our Nickel's Arcade shop) loves Salty Sap for the crystals in the creamy caramel that give it that unexpected crunch… yum.

S'mores: Sarah, our Admin & Customer Support Manager is a BIG fan of S’mores. “Two delicious layers of filling!! Airbrushed night sky!! Choc drizzle stick & toasted micro marshmallow!” It’s also Aico’s (Ann Arbor) favorite because its so pretty, and because she loves the milk chocolate with the extra crunch and the toasted marshmallow ganache.

Lemon Bar None: Dejah from Production loves the contrast of the silky, smooth lemon custard with the shortbread crunch. Add a white chocolate shell for extra creamy summer vibes. 

Swimming Turtle: Our Head of Sales Adrienne loves the crunchy pecan swimming in silky caramel. In her own words “I’m a caramel girlie”, so if you are one too, this one's for you.

The Rustler: Our Head of Retail Ryan’s favorite Girl Scout cookies are Samoas, and with the Rustler he doesn’t have to wait for cookie season! 

Mustachio: According to Rose, Manager of our Ann Arbor shop, it has everything texture wise: the snap of the chocolate shell, the firmness of the gianduja, and the softness of the caramel. An unexpected classic, per our owner Alex!

Better Butter Crunch: Olivia from Parker's Alley says they might be basic for it (they are not) but BBC has always been their favorite Bon. The Salty and Sweet combo has them hooked!

Killer Cereal: That fruity cereal and white chocolate won't be what you expect (it will be better). “People anticipate cereal milk but it’s actually it’s own bergamot crunch thing, and I love a good white chocolate moment” founder Alex Clark.

Coffee & Donuts: It was the first Bon Ale, Head of Marketing, ever made, so she’s uncertain if it’s because of that or if it’s simply the best flavor combo (she thinks it’s both). “It tastes exactly what it’s named after.” 

Strawberry & Balsamic: “Don't turn your nose up at this one!” said Sarah. Balsamic glaze with strawberry confiture veganache (dark chocolate olive oil ganache), it is a top choice for someone who “doesn’t like sweet things” (gasp).


Pudge Frownie: Ryan can’t get enough of this Bon! “It’s rich chocolaty flavor is simple and classic. Sure to turn that frown upside down!” 

Sticky Bon: Alex M. from Production absolutely loves a Sticky Bon. “Cinnamon, pecan and caramel are some of my favorite flavors.”

Hazel-What?: Our Head of Ops Annie is the “(proud) basic b(abe)” who loves Hazel-What?. It is her number one fav. “That one hazelnut creme company wishes!”

Bour-Bon Bon Bon: “I love the orange glacee in the BourB, I tell customers it reminds me of an Old Fashioned cocktail in a Bon” - Lauren from our Ann Arbor shop

Creme Brûlée: Rose ate a freshly piped Creme Crûlée once at the manu and “it was just insane. The filling was such a smooth and delicious custard.”

Bumpy: “As a Michigan transplant, this was my first intro to Bumpy Cakes and I loooove the cake ganache in it!” Caroline, from our Ann Arbor store.

Lil Hottie: The perfect heat kick; not too spicy, but will definitely jolt your senses. Definitely my personal favorite, because I love spicy things. The chili-infused honey mixes beautifully with the Vietnamese cinnamon dark chocolate caramel… truly delectable!

Cherry Lux: If you love Michigan cherries, you will love this Bon… because of course we use Michigan cherries! Italian maraschino candied Michigan cherries and dark chocolate ganache makes for a luxurious treat. “It’s the most coquette Bon” - Fer.

Bubs: The Mawby bubbly has our Creative Director Andrew hooked. “All my favorite Bons are boozy. Does this make me an alcoholic?”

Cake: Perfect for kids of all ages, Cake has it all: the cake ganache, the sprinkles, the piped icing. Perfectly said by Sarah: “It can be your birthday everyday!”

Phew! That’s all 23 Bons of our regular collection. Hopefully these expert recommendations help you in your journey towards finding your favorite Bon. And if you can’t pick? Welcome to the club, and have one of each! 


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