Winter 2019 Collection

Winter 2019 Collection

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The Winter Collection is 12 seasonal handmade and hand packaged Bons that are perfect for gifting or eating in bed alone.

Wanna cut to the chase? Shop the Winter Collection right HERE. Peep the flavors below.

NOG whiskey nutmeg custard caramel ganache, milk chocolate shell

It wouldn't be December without egg nog! This nutmeg-spiced Bon has been a favorite for years!


MAPLE CHESTNUT chestnut praline ganache, maple dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate shell

This gold brick of cuteness and flavor reminds us of fireside holidays as kids... or maybe they remind us of that once our ex-boyfriend's ex-roommate roasted chestnuts and they were good.


PEPPER-MINT white chocolate, peppermint candy, white pepper

The Pepper-Mint is always a favorite because somehow the combo of buttery white chocolate, peppermint candy and white pepper is a match made in Bon heaven. Doubt us? Try it for yourself!


POLAR VORTEX marshmallow fluff, coconut cake ganache, sprinkles, white chocolate shell

A literal blizzard of flavor and texture. Creamy, dreamy, beautiful: it's Bon Bon Bon.


LOU SPRUCE pine infused dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate shell

Nothing tastes quite like Christmas as much as pine. Is that a saying? This cutie with the hand-placed tree sprinkle is named after Lou the Dog who we love so much!


LUMP OF COAL alkalized cocoa, white chocolate

Get this hunk of goodness for the rascal in your life. It's oreo-esque with that alkalized cocoa. You'll love it!


COOKIES & MILK milk chocolate, cookie crumbs, spiced cookie crisps

Think of this as a crispy crunchy hand made crunch bar of your wildest dreams.


HOT COCOA creamy milk chocolate ganache, toasted mallows, milk chocolate shell

This is as creamy as it can get! And those lil bb mallows on top? GET OUT OF HERE.


FIGGY PUDDING fig confiture, custard ganache, almond croquant, buttercream, milk chocolate shell

A babe at work said that they live for this Bon and this Bon alone... or maybe they juste ate 7 in a row and so we assumed? It's good tho, and the crispy almonds on top adds the perfect crunch.


YULE LOG chocolate cake cream, malted milk chocolate ganache, dark chocolate shell

Is this a cake-version candy bar wit the cutest mushroom on top or WHAT? We adore this one. it's fudge-y, it's dark, it's our favorite.


ORANGE-Y SPICE spiced orange confiture, dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate shell

This reminds us of holiday cocktails in the best way. Also those chocolate oranges? The perf drink garnish after all!


GINGERBREAD gingerbread cream, dark chocolate shell

Thank goodness for molasses. Oh and for cute normal bread. This one is like a lil cup of gingerbread frosting. Ya can't go wrong!

All photos in this post were taken by: Chris Gerard. Art Direction, Styling and Concept by: Megan DeKok

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