#TBT Fall collection 2017

#TBT Fall collection 2017

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This is a lil throwback blog post to our 2017 harvest collection. Really enjoyed making a rotisserie chicken into the thanksgiving turkey it had always dreamed of being! We aren't going to have a Harvest collection this year. (We have something else super exciting come up that I think you'll be into!!) BUT we will have a couple flavors. Cider & Donuts will hit stores (and the Bon builder) mid October and Sweet Potato casserole is coming in November. But now for a trip down memory lane...


This is basically PSL dreams without the coffee... so no "L" just "PS". It's pumpkin quick bread turned into a buttery bite. MAN. Could def eat this again. Could totally paint pepitas gold again.


This bon turned out so good. The perfect T-gives style flavors. And OMG it even inspired Joy the Baker to make a turkey gravy caramel! Find her recipe here.


This golden bon captured summer in such a bright way! And peep that pollen! AND that lil white chocolate cube! Ever heard of modern art? Now you have.


This is one of those cray cray flavors that is simply perfect. It is accurate. It is sweet. It is complex. It's a dream!


Who is the first person who thought, "My zucchini garden has gone nuts, I'm gonna put this in a cinnamon sugar loaf." To that person we would like to say THANK YOU for existing and thinking to put veggies in a sweet lil quick bread. You deserve an award. Perhaps a loaf of warm zucchini bread with butter????


Everyone who's anyone looks forward to this flavor popping up in the fall here at Bon Bon Bon. And everyone will NOT be disappointed. This cutie will be hitting stores next month. So start saving ur $3 so you can get a million. These are perfect in every way.


Whoa. I remember this bon distinctly because I tried the turnip confiture and said "AH!" This was one of our wildest flavors! But so cool and one of those things that you only come across once in a lifetime. Truly tasted like a turnip. Truly confused me! But also truly beautiful and inspiring because where's the fun if you can't make any weirdos?

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