Bon Bon Bon Spring Collection

Bon Bon Bon Spring Collection

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The Spring Collection is a 12 pack of chocolates that include 12 limited edition seasonal BonBons that are oh-so-BON and ready to be shipped to your door. This would be a good gift for Mother's Day by the way, but don't take our word for it, check out the Box of chocolates for yourself. 


Shipping week of 4/25 - Order to arrive before Mother's Day

Shipping week of 5/2 - Order to arrive before Mother's Day

Shipping week of 5/9 - Order to arrive after Mother's Day


This Spring Collection will take you on a journey to marshmallow root infused hemp oil dark chocolate ganache land and over to lavender marshmallow ganache valley all while overlooking the rosewater lime confitures of Rosa Linda. Along the way you’ll get to meet Cardi Brie and try out fillings like pear cardamom confiture, custard pie ganache, and manuka honey caramel. Ready for the trip? Buckle up and Buckle down because these Bon Bon Bon’s aren’t going to eat themselves.

Spring Collection Flavors Include:

1. Easy Peasy - Lemon almond spring pea cake ganache, lemon curd, matcha sugar, sliced almond (Contains Tree Nuts)



2. Sorry It’s Ambrosia - Pineapple, cherry, coconut and colorful marshmallow pieces in orange zest laced pineapple yogurt chocolate

3. Straw-Barb - Strawberry rhubarb custard ganache, caramelized white chocolate, croquant

4. Long Thyme, No Sea - Hazelnut praline cookie dough ganache, thyme salted caramel, hazelnut croquant (Contains Tree Nuts, Contains Gluten)

5. Dose of Daisies - Kun Lun daisy tea milk chocolate caramel ganache, New Zealand tan slice ganache (Contains Gluten)


6. Cardi Brie - Brie cheese ganache with pear cardamom confiture and gold vermicelli

7. Nest Egg - Custard pie ganache with Robin's Egg and pastry nest crumbles (Contains Gluten)

8. Metamorphic - Butterfly pea flower sour cream ganache, passionfruit curd ganache, edible wafer butterfly

9. Mallow Out - Marshmallow root infused hemp oil dark chocolate ganache, lavender marshmallow ganache

10. Rosa Linda - Rosewater lime confiture, Mexican peanut marzipan ganache, red jalapeño and rose petal pieces (Contains Peanuts)

11. Duke of Manuka - Saffron-infused ganache, Manuka honey caramel, gold

12. K, c’ya - Whipped cassia cream milk chocolate ganache, dark chocolate


9 BonBons in this Collection *avoid gluten

10 BonBons in this Collection *avoid tree nuts

11 BonBons in this Collection *avoid peanuts


*May contain traces. We handmake everything under one roof and though we do our best to sanitize each surface, it’s important that you know that we are not a nut-free or gluten-free certified facility.


All photos were stylized & taken by Tall Boys Studios

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