Winter Collection Pre-Sale

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The Babes Babes Babes are already in the kitchen testing and mixing away for yet another annual, limited edition, Winter Collection run.

12 seasonal Bon Bons, this time made extra glam, hand made in small batches and ready for devour as early as the week of November 27th. 

Each year our team works hard to make it better than ever. Making improvements to recipes, implementing your feedback, and pushing the bounds of our creativity. 

We are proud to welcome back 11 familiar (but updated for quality because you deserve that) flavors, and 1 new-to-the-collection flavor that we've named "Toastee Roastee." 

This Collection is intended to be the perfect centerpiece for that in-law dinner you got invited to, or perhaps a gift for the nieces across the country, or even as a 'treat yourself' gift this holiday season.

However you choose to enjoy this Collection, we hope eating it brings you as much joy as it has brought us each holiday season.

P.S. Majority of the Bon Bons in this Collection avoid nuts & also features flavors that avoid gluten.

...oh and those Bon drawings? Our Andrew Freels! He's the real deal @winloseanddraw

Flavors in this Collection include:

1. Pepper-mint - Peppermint and white pepper in buttery white chocolate

2. Vanilla Bean Cranberry Crumble - Butter crumble atop cranberry confiture, dark chocolate

3. Spiced Ginger Cake - Spiced ginger cake and cardamom caramel, dark chocolate

4. Sugar Cookie & Butter - Buttery sugar cookie ganache, vanilla, sprinkles

5. Polar Vortex - Coconut cake ganache, coconut buttercream, marshmallows and sprinkles

6. Spiked Nog - Rum spiked nog custard ganache, nutmeg

7. Nutty or Spice - Sweet spiced praline croquantine, cashew butter, almond croquant, pistachio gianduja

8. Kiss & Mo-cha - Sweet creamy hot cocoa hard piece with candied cocoa nibs, milk chocolate chunks and mini marshmallows

9. White Pine - Pine needle & pine nut dark chocolate ganache

10. This Hottie Named Todd - Darjeeling-infused lemon honey ganache, cinnamon whiskey caramel, glacee citron

11. Eat, Drink & Rosemary - Rosemary salted caramel dark chocolate ganache, orange confiture

12. Toastee Roastee - Milk chocolate toffee coffee crunch atop caramel crunch layer, dark chocolate, hazelnuts