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From Campus Martius to Eastern Market, from Hart Plaza to Hitsville, U.S.A., we love Detroit like none other.
The people and places of Detroit have served as inspirations for us since day one, and now we present ten Bon flavors that perfectly encapsulate our roots. As wide-ranging as the pączkis of Hamtramck to the baklava of Dearborn, along with a special nod to our northern (and southern) neighbors and references to iconic local brands, we couldn’t possibly cover everything. But we did try to curate a small tasting of the Motor City that hopefully takes you back to your favorite summertime refreshments, reminds you of those must-have treats for your most festive occasions, or feels like a vacation on our pleasant peninsula. Our Detroit neighbors have always been our lifeline and this city that has supported Bon Bon Bon for ten years and counting will always be home.

Flavors in this Collection include:

1. Bumpy - Fudgy chocolate cake cream, buttercream frosting

2. Better Butter Crunch - Detroit's favorite potato chips, milk chocolate, sea salt

3. Pączki Raspberry confiture, fried dough ganache, donut sugar

4. Boston Cooler -  Soda-candied ginger cream with a little extra kick

5. Fudgie - Michigan cherry confiture, fudge

6. POP! - Strawberries! and a fizz

7. North Windsor - Creamy maple syrup ganache, whiskey caramel

8. I'll Be Baklava - Baklava caramel, pistachio gianduja

9. Salt Of The Earth - Salted caramel, Bon Bon Bon Dark Chocolate

10. Superman - Superman swirl with sugar cone and sprinkles