The Babes Babes Babes are a tremendous team of humans working together to provide the goodest chocolate experience we possibly can with whatever the world throws at us. TBH, the world is a tough place and sometimes our job is too! But, if it would be your honor to serve the good people of Detroit and the world 'round the goodest chocolate you possibly could choc, in the goodest way you know how, maybe you're just the rad babe we need!

Our team is broken up into three departments: Production & Logistics, Sales & Customer Service, and Office & Admin.

The Babes Babes Babes sell Bon Bon Bons out of Detroit, Michigan


"Ride or Die" - Lending a Hand “Team player”, “willing to help”, “never idle”. Helping others be successful; spending time supporting and teaching others.

Growth - Constantly learning, improving, and embracing personal development.

Positive Attitude, Open Mind -Turning every situation into a positive and enthusiastic opportunity. Persevering and being optimistic.

Effective Communication - Is something that sounds simple on the surface but actually involves concentrated effort, consistency and practice! Effective communication involves speaking up, being honest, being concise, open, thinking through and/or following laid out communication channels.

Commitment to Quality/Goodness - Good people deserve good chocolate. Sincerely good chocolate - which is no easy task! Although it is a lot of fun, this job is hard work. It’s all about the details! Details in our service that make visiting us special, details in our chocolate that make eating it special.

Work Ethic/Sincere Professionalism - Professionalism is a core value of ours because we believe that it makes us more collaborative, innovative and productive. Being professional means being respectful, honest, responsive, showing up on time, and doing your best. Sincerity is being genuine trustworthy w/ integrity.