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If you happen to order other goods with your Winter Collection, they will be all be shipped at the same time. We recommend selecting the quickest shipping option to prevent meltage. Bons are hand-piped, hand-packaged & shipped with care.
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’Twas a chilly, snowy, starry night in Hamtramck, MI when The Babes Babes Babes were gathered ‘round a big green wobbly table, eating, snacking, and clinking their thrifted glasses together. They were cheersing to a successful chocolate year and cackling about the long nights they had spent in the chocolate factory, eating pierogis in between each packaged trays of Bons. Fast forward some-odd 330 days later, and we remember that cozy twinkly 2020 night. Full of friends, co-workers that feel like family, good food, warm drinks and jokes. It’s the best part about winter in Michigan.


So now, we’re doing it again. Yeah, the Midwest Winter is bone chillingly cold, but we’ll “Say It Ain’t Snow!” Staying inside, carefully piping and sprinkling and forgetting about the blizzard happening just outside the door. We will be hand piping and hand crafting Bon Bon Bons full of flavors that’ll make you want to write some handwritten letters to old friends, curl up under a duvet and watch too many episodes of Seinfield, or twirl around in the kitchen under the refrigerator moon light.


All twelve of these little delights are being carefully made (likely as you read this), by the gentle hands of The Babes Babes Babes in the heart of Detroit, MI. Day in and day out, this small but mighty team of Babes is mixing together confitures, baking not-so-pretty cakes only to whiz them together to make cake-ish fillings, and tapping the hell out of shell molds to get any and all air bubbles out. Ann Arbor Babes are making trips out to Detroit to lend a hand wherever it might be needed and Detroit Babes are picking up shifts in the kitchen to help in packaging. Zach’s parents made some space for us in their former-convent building so that we can get extra elbow room to ship ship ship away. Shoot, our UPS driver, Frank is even making 2-a day stops to see if we need anything and giving us morale boosts.


It’s one giant lift for something that we think is really important. We do it so that as you make your way through your Winter Collection, you can somehow taste the love and gratitude that really is our special ingredient. From us, to you. Because you really do deserve good chocolate.


Flavors in this Collection include:


1. Pepper-mint - Layers of peppermint and white pepper in a buttery white chocolate (Avoids Nuts, Avoids Gluten) 

2. Cranberry Crumble - A layer of butter crumble atop cranberry cardamom confiture (Avoids Nuts)

3. Ginger Molasses - Gingerbread spiced caramel ganache, dark chocolate (Avoids Nuts)

4. Sugar Cookie & Butter - Buttery sugar cookie ganache, vanilla bean, sugar (Avoids Nuts)

5. Polar Vortex - Coconut cake ganache, coconut buttercream, sprinkles 

6. Rum Spiked Nog - Rum spiked nog custard ganache, nutmeg (Avoids Nuts, Avoids Gluten)

7. Nutty or Nice - Chestnut white chocolate ganache, redcurrant confiture, pecan gianduja (Avoids Gluten)

8. Kiss & Mo-cha - Extra creamy chocolate ganache paired with dark coffee ganache, topped with a light marshmallow cream (Avoids Nuts, Avoids Gluten)

9. White Pine - Pine needle & pine nut dark chocolate ganache (Avoids Gluten)

10. This Hottie Named Todd - Darjeeling-infused lemon honey ganache, cinnamon whiskey caramel, glazed citron (Avoids Nuts, Avoids Gluten)

11. Flake It Till U Make It - Pineapple amaretto infused milk chocolate with flakes of croquantine, toasted coconut and cherry (Avoids Nuts)

12. Eat, Drink & Rosemary - Rosemary dark chocolate with orange peel, olives and almond croquant (Avoids Gluten)


For specific ingredient and allergy information, visit our allergy page, shoot us an email at, send us a pigeon carrier, or knock on our door to get the deets. Please note, that is a pre-sale. Select the week that works best for you & the one you would like your Collection to ship out.

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