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Vday has got us feeling all different types of ways. Some of us Babes Babes Babes love love, and some of us want to punch the next couple we see in the face. Mix all those feelings into a bowl and what do you get? A 14 piece box of chocolates that The Babes Babes Babes call - The Valentine’s Day Collection. All the feelings that come up on the gross, but cute and tingly holiday, curated into one really cute, really good for the planet, and really delicious, box of Bon Bon Bons.


Take a bite of your “Honey Buns” then enjoy some “Fourplay”. Don’t have an IRL “Hot Date” for Vday? We gotchyu.


Oh, and last year, a lot of Moms and a Karen (no really, her name was Karen), got sooo mad at us because of how inappropriate this Collection was… So here it is, your warning that this collection and the Bon names and jokes that surround it, are NSFW and most definitely contain EXPLICIT BONTENT!!! Eat and share at your own risk.

Flavors in this Collection include:


1. Rose & Thorn - White pepper spiked rose-infused ganache, rose petal

2. Violets Are Purple - Violet buttercream atop citrus madeleine ganache, mascarpone, lemon zest, violet flower fragments

3. S & M - Strawberries & Mascarpone

4. Black, Like My Heart - Alkalized cocoa powder and Madagascar vanilla ganache

5. Hot Date - Spicy date honey caramel , Pistachio Gianduja, yogurt drizzle , glazed cacao nib chips

6. Fourplay - Sticky toffee white chocolate ganache, caramelized white chocolate, salted caramel, cookies and crispy caramelized sugar

7. Cherry Pop - Luxardo candied Michigan cherry confiture, toasted poppy seed ganache, dried Michigan cherry

8. Nudes - Dark, white and milk chocolate, in the nude

9. Bear Hug - Smoked maple custard caramel ganache, milk truffle vermicelli, dark chocolate bear

10. Honey Buns - Honey bun ganache, buttered honey caramel, gold, bee's pollen

11. How I Like My Eggs - Egg yolk custard ganache, meringue marshmallow ganache, chocolate "yolk"

12. Cream Dream - Milk tea ganache, milk tea caramel, dark chocolate covered cookie “boba”

13. Family Jewels - Banana ganache, hazelnut praline ganache, hazelnut croquant, pearl sugar

14. No Bone Day - Cornflake cookie ganache, peanut butter fudge caramel, popcorn crumble bone


For specific ingredient and allergy information, visit our allergy page, shoot us an email at, send us a pigeon carrier, or knock on our door to get the deets. Please note, that is a pre-sale. Select the week that works best for you & the one you would like your Collection to ship out.

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