Valentine's Collection


The Valentine's Collection is a 14-piece box made for those who love or hate V-day. It's for when you are your own Valentine, it's for your best friend, it's for your sister, cousin, honey, dude, gal, person in your life. It's for everyone, and we think it's fun as hell. And it gets even more delicious and beautiful every year. 




NEW THIRST TRAP Shio koji caramel, ume plum sesame seed gianduja
Contains: dairy, soy

NEW LEFT ON RED Red velvet ganache, red raspberry confiture
Contains: dairy, soy, wheat

NEW CREME DE LA FEMME orange blossom cream
Contains: dairy, soy

NEW SEND FLOWERS Chamomile Rose infused dark chocolate ganache, citrus violet-poppy confiture
Contains: dairy, soy

BURLY BEAR Smoked maple syrup ganache, chocolate shaving "chest hair", dark shell, chocolate bear
Contains: dairy, soy

HONEY BUNS Butter buns ganache, honey caramel
Contains: dairy, gluten, soy

S&M Strawberry confiture, mascarpone ganache
Contains: dairy, soy

FAMILY JEWELS Banana confiture, praline pecan ganache
Contains: dairy, soy, tree nuts, wheat

CHERRY POP Italian maraschino candied cherry confiture, toasted poppy seed ganache, dried Michigan cherry
Contains: dairy, soy

PEARL NECKLACE Spirolina ganache, oyster sauce salted caramel, chocolate covered cookie "pearls"
Contains: dairy, gluten, shellfish, soy

BITTER BITCH Bitter lemon ganache, black currant confiture
Contains: dairy, soy

NUDES Pure chocolate, in the nude!
Contains: dairy, soy

BLACK, LIKE MY HEART Dutch processed cocoa ganache
Contains: dairy, soy

HOW I LIKE MY EGGS Egg yolk custard ganache, meringue marshmallow, chocolate egg 
Contains: dairy, eggs, soy



Have allergies? We do, too! It's important to note that this collection was made in a facility that (carefully) processes milk, eggs, fish (for real!), shellfish (yes, shellfish!), tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. Also, this collection contains milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat and soy. If you have any allergies, let us know in the notes section at check out! If you have any additional questions with regards to allergy information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our v-day collection photographed by Emily Berger.
Our v-day collection photographed by Emily Berger.

Starting at $3.50