The Spring Collection



The Spring Collection is a super special 12-piece custom box made to celebrate the bloom-i-est time of the year. It's a little bit of outside that we can send right to your indoors. Ration it out one day at a time or mow down in one festive moment - it's a celebration of spring that we can all safely share, in the comfort of our own homes! Amidst the boredom, chaos and anxiety of this time, we're thrilled to celebrate something as dependable and beautiful as the arrival of spring sunshine with each and every one of you. Because good people deserve good chocolate, and nothing is going to stop us! 



RHUBARB CUSTARD Rhubarb custard ganache, gold leaf
Contains: dairy, soy

STRAW-BABY CRUMBLE Strawberry confiture, mascarpone, almond crumble
Contains: dairy, soy, tree nuts

MINTEA Moroccan mint tea & fresh mint infused dark chocolate ganache, crystalized mint.
Contains: dairy, soy

CANDY CAP CREME CARAMEL Candy cap mushroom infused dark chocolate ganache, custard ganache 
Contains: dairy, soy, egg

ROSEMARY & SAGE Rosemary & sage infused dark chocolate ganache
Contains: dairy, soy

CARROT CAKE Carrot cake filling, cream cheese ganache, royal icing carrot 
Contains: dairy, gluten, soy 

PISTACHIO THYME Pistachio gianduja, thyme caramel, salt 
Contains: dairy, soy

FENNEL POLLEN & HONEY Fennel pollen ganache, honey caramel 
Contains: dairy, soy, tree nuts, wheat

CHERRY BLOSSOM MALLOW Japanese sakura flavored marshmallow cream
Contains: dairy, soy, gelatin 

CARDAMOM CLOUDS  Cardamom cream, cardamom dark chocolate ganache, candy clouds 
Contains: dairy, soy

LEMON BASIL Meyer lemon & basil infused dark chocolate ganache, glacee lemon
Contains: dairy, soy

BLOSSOM SHERBET Orange blossom, white chocolate, pure gold
Contains: dairy, soy


For more information on our inspiration for each flavor, scroll over each picture and a little note will pop up with more deets! 


Our customers have never meant more than they do right now, thank you for every dollar you have ever spent with The Babes Babes Babes, and every dollar you plan to! Each purchase helps to keep our team together and thriving - it means the world! 



Have allergies? We do, too! It's important to note that this collection was made in a facility that (carefully) processes milk, eggs, fish (for real!), shellfish (yes, shellfish!), tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. Also, this collection contains milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat and soy. If you have any allergies, let us know in the notes section at check out! If you have any additional questions with regards to allergy information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

So, friends of ours at The Grocer's Daughter in Empire, Michigan make this absolutely insane pecan thyme bark that you need to try. And, if you do not think that you need to try it, then try our pistachio Bon take inspired by their great work and see what you think! The salt, the sweet, the thyme almost makes the dark chocolate seem savory - it's really something special.
Maybe it's a little early for creamsicles? That's why this one is made with orange blossom instead of oranges. And we topped it with real gold, pretty much just because we think it's pretty.
Sorry about the lawn flamingo, we really couldn't help ourselves. Not that it's not cool, it is cool, its just extra cool in a "lawn" of dehydrated, candied mint crumbles. When we went to Israel to make Bons on the mediterranean, the kitchen that we rented out was filled with the most beautiful people. Most of which who did not speak English, but all of which were interested in making sure that we were as happy and comfortable as possible as we worked away for the big party we were hired for. They brought us the most amazing mint tea with mint tea bags and also fresh mint in it. It was heavenly. An ode to the international language of hospitality!
Strawbaby crumble! This crumble is an awesome almond croquant that is frankly hard not to eat. Rounded out with mascarpone ganache and you have a creamy, crunchy situation with zingy little strawbabies inside!
There's not actually asparagus in this Bon, guys! It's a lemon basil Bon. Maybe the spring-i-est of the bunch, actually! Maybe not, perhaps that's debatable. But it is really, really special. Light, herbaceous, just creamy enough.
Real sakura flavoring is hard to come by, the good stuff that is! We had this sakura flavoring imported from Japan months ago, before it was in season, to ensure that we got our own bottle of it this year! And, boy are we glad we did! The fake stuff can be sickly sweet, a bit much, really. But this, this is complex, and holds it's own. It's really something special and we are so proud to present it to you!
Honey caramel is pretty universally delicious but if you have to be talked into fennel pollen, we can do that! Why? We don't like licorice, either - so don't even start there! Fennel pollen is different - it's the floral side, it's lighter, it's more feminine, it's less aggressive - and, we only use a touch of it to amp up the subtle intricacies of the Michigan honey we use.
What's that song about sage, rosemary and thyme? It's like that. Kind of a classic in a way that reminds you of what's cool about your parents. Plus, rosemary looks good year round - or, at least the rosemary on our rooftop garden was lookin' pretty beautiful all winter and it deserves a celebration! Plus sage, which is our founding mama's favorite herb. Not just for Thanksgiving, anymore!
The Carrot Cake Bon needed little inspiration - we just love carrot cake. Isn't that excuse enough to make a carrot cake Bon? Even if you don't think so, it makes my mom happy and that counts for a lot around here. Yes! There is cream cheese ganache . And, Mel made the cutest carrots on top!
Name two things better than clouds and cardamom! Quick! I thought not. If our whole shop could smell like cardamom all the time, if our employees could all smell like cardamom all of the time, if we could live in a cloud that smelled like cardamom all of the time...

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