PRE-ORDER VDAY: BBB x Kung Food (ships week of 1/25)


A 14 piece Valentine's Day chocolate collab collection that'll make you tingle for more!

With a global pandemic around us, love goes on and we wanted to create a romantic, share-able and new culinary experience for two people to take some time together to enjoy. This year we teamed up with HBIC @ Kung Food in Eastern Market, THE Chef Jon Kung to bring you and your honey something a little special for Valentine's Day. "A Little Tingle Here or There" is the theme of this spicy-enough-to-make-you-tingle-in-a-good-way collection of 14 (for V-day, of course) hand made Bons. Flavors range from classic to outlandish and are suitable both for lovers and lovers of celebrating Chinese New Year (Feb 12th, don't forget to take out some cash). 

This is a limited release and will be shipped over four weeks which you can select your choice of. This is to ensure freshness and also to allow you to choose the freshest ship-by date for your personal celebration of self love or loving another. Remember, shipping times are not guarantees by UPS due to COVID-19, so please allow for a little extra wiggle room if you think you that will need it. Your order could ship out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of the week that you select so your best best is to give yourself as much time as possible. We have never shipped so much in our lives and this was we can assure that orders go out in a timely manner and we can keep it fresh so you can keep it fresh, you know? 

Read em and drool - treat yourself with these treats! Some classic, some sweet, some nice, some naughty, all delicious babies of the brains of BBB x Kung Food. 


S&M - Strawberry & mascarpone

Fourplay - Caramelized milk chocolate, dulce de leche ganache, salted caramel, caramelized sugar 

Rose & Thorn - Rose & white pepper ganache, rose petal dusted hearts

Black, Like My Heart - Alkalized cocoa powder ganache, lightly salted

Cherry Pop - Toasted poppyseed ganache, Michigan cherry confiture

Nudes - Dark, white and milk chocolate, in the nude 

Peaches & Greens - Peach tea ganache, whiskey caramel, basil-infused dark chocolate ganache 

Lick-her-ish - Fennel pollen ganache, Szechuan peppercorn caramel 

Sugar, Spice & Everything Rice - Five spice cake ganache, rice milk icing 

Chill Hottie - Kung Food chili oil caramel, cola ganache 

Wood you be mine? - Lap Sang Su-Chang dark chocolate ganache 

Cream Dream - Milk tea ganache, milk tea caramel, dark chocolate covered cookie “boba” 

Cashewal Encounter - Muchi curry ganache, cashew gianduja 

Butts - Butterscotch crunch & butternut squash in solid chocolate




This is the pre-order for products to ship the week of 1/25/2021, we have other release dates too! 

PRE-ORDER VDAY: BBB x Kung Food (ships week of 2/1)

PRE-ORDER VDAY: BBB x Kung Food (ships week of 2/8)

PRE-ORDER VDAY: BBB x Kung Food (ships week of 2/15)


Explicit Bontent
Cream Dream
The Valentine's Day Collection 2021
Black, Like My Heart
Chill Hottie
Cherry Pop
Cashewal Encounter
A little tingle here or there

Expected release date is week of 1/25/2020

Starting at $3.50