Physical Gift Card

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Gift Cards are made available on a daily basis and can be shipped shipped to you with the freshest chocolate possible!
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Wanna buy someone Bon Bon Bon for your friends and Mom and cousin and hottie distant acquaintance but aren't sure what they like other than that you think they'd like Bon Bon Bon? It's cool, we've got gift cards. 
What is it?
Bon Bon Bon Gift Cards! Get them in increments of $30, $60 or $90. This product is not perishable or edible, but still Bon.
Can they be used online AND in-store?
Yes! The only catch is if you use it online, then you have to use the full amount. In store you can make it last a few visits. If you want to use it online but can't use the full amount, just send us a note and we can make it happen: Basically, we got you! 
Will I get a physical gift card?
Yes! Every gift card is a physical gift card to be physically mailed either to you to gift or to the recipient.

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