In Person Bon Making Class

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To schedule a private workshop, please reach out to us at to get started

Workshops and classes are led by experienced Babes who know the ins and outs of Bon Bon Bon. 

Here's what you'll be able to expect in each of these classes:

You'll get to spend an afternoon or evening with The Babes Babes Babes where you will learn how to pipe, decorate, and construct Bon Bons. Each attendee will get to make 12 of their very own Bons and will get to take home their new creations along with other workshop exclusive treats. Come prepared to spend time in our real-life Production Kitchen! (We'll ask you to wear a mask + closed-toe shoes. For the full Babe Babe Babe experience, we'll also distribute hairnets and coats when you get here!)

Sounds fun right!? Oh and lots of chocolate and other fun yum things! If you are interested in booking a private tour, please reach out to us at to get some details. 


Classes are non-refundable; Transferable with minimum 2 weeks’ notice.