Hamtramck Manufactory

Our funky little hand-u-factory in our hometown of Hamtramck, right in the heart of Detroit! Here, in the most diverse city of the state with the second most diverse agricultural economy in the country, we think we are optimally situated to create, explore flavors and hang with some of the coolest neighbors a chocolate shop could ever ask for like Oloman, Fat Salmon, Bumbos & Amar Pizza!

It's the orange building with cacao jungle mural on Joseph Campau, just South of Caniff, directly across from the Islamic Cultural Center, and The Euromart, on the same block as PNC Bank.

Visit our Find A Shop page for hours, address, and contact information.

We own our magical building and have been working on restoring it, piece by piece, back to it's 1925 glory! When we moved in, there was a weird oven with headless babydolls in it, it had two drop ceilings downstairs and there were still Hazel Park raceway tickets on the floor upstairs from 1975!

If you "get us" and want to give the manufactory some love, consiter leaving an honest, informative and even Bon review on Google, Yelp or Trip Advisor! We're a different kind of chocolate shop with different priorities and your words are so helpful in avoiding disappointed potential customers who ultimately wanted something with a little less soul.

Although we are regularly closed to the public, we do offer limited tours and events. Check out what's going on on our block.