What is a Bon?

Bon Bon Bons are “good goodies,” which essentially means that they can be made up of whatever sweet little concoctions we can dream up! This gives us the opportunity to come up with Bons using lots of local ingredients, some very far-away ingredients and a little artistic interpretation to create flavors that range from classic to bizarre, familiar to exotic, all-candy to all-chocolate. The most popular Bons are chocolate shells we make in house and filled with a variety of amazingly fun and undoubtedly tasty fillings.

Where is your chocolate from?

Our chocolate is from Ecuador & Colombia! We source our chocolate in a pretty unique way. We source our chocolate in a way that is very similar to how many Bean to Bar chocolate makers in the United States are sourcing their chocolate, but not many bonbon or truffle makers do. We source heritage varietals of beans at far more than fair trade prices, based on value and fine flavor. We pay based on quality and there is often just one person between us and our farmer cooperatives. By paying for quality, we help to increase the incentive for maintaining good cacao genetics, traditions, increasing the quality of production practices, etc. We also only source from companies that produce their product in the country of origin. This means that a larger part of the value of our product remains in the communities that need it most. The cocoa growing community, our community, and the manufacturing community. Rather than with a chain of middle men. The reason why many other people don't source in this way is because it’s difficult and it’s expensive. The reason why we do it this way, is because it’s the right thing to do. For us, for our customers, and for the larger cocoa-cacao community as a whole.

Do Bons contain alcohol?

We get this question a lot! And for so many different reasons! Well, our answer kinda depends on why you ask? It’ll make more sense after this explanation (maybe). All of our Bons get coated with an edible lacquer spray to keep the Bons looking glossy, cute, and put together. Well this lacquer spray that we use, has ethanol in it AKA alcohol. Because we use this, unfortunately, our Bons are NOT Halal. 

Now, if you’re wondering if our Bons have the kind of alcohol that would be weird to give to a kid, then the answer is not all of our Bons do, but some do, kinda? Sometimes we’ll make a really tasty whiskey caramel or a Brut Rosé caramel for a Bon, which in those cases, we totally do use the boozy kind of alc. BUT here’s the thing- whenever we do use these, we cook down the boozy-ness of the alcohol before it goes into anything, leaving only tiny teensy traces of alcohol left. So long-story-short, yes? kinda? Our Bons contain alcohol technically-ish. If you'd like to see some more deets on what kind of stuff goes into each Bon, visit our allergy page.  

What if I have a dietary restriction?

While our kitchen is not technically “certified” to be kosher, vegan, nut free, soy free, or gluten free, we do our very best to limit any cross-contamination. We do offer Bons that avoid a number of common allergies like- nuts and gluten, even though we do have those ingredients in the building. Some of our Bons also just so happen to be vegan too! If you have allergies like us, and you want to know more, visit our allergy page.

Why is there soy in chocolate?

Only some of our chocolate has trace amounts of soy in them so that we can get that really tasty chocolate blend that we love so much! Soy in chocolate helps bind the cocoa solids, sugar and milk so they stick to cocoa butter a little easier. This improves the flowyness of the chocolate when it is melted down and put into temper. If you're keen to get something totally soy free, check out our chocolate covered coffee beans. Those are made with sunflower lechitin and NOT soy.

Can I place an order online and pick it up in one of the shops?

Yes! Upon check out, you will be asked to insert a shipping address. Insert a MI zipcode, then you will be given the option to select a shipping method. Here, you will be prompted to select the option for either a "Midtown Pickup" or an “Ann Arbor Pickup”. Or give us a ring at one of our shops and we can take care of you!

Why do Bons cost $3.50?

Here at Bon Bon Bon our goal is to make the goodest chocolate we possibly can with whatever resources we could possibly have at any given time. We continue the tradition of hand making and hand packaging every single piece, while also being commited to purchasing the goodest chocolates, not just chocolate that tastes good, but chocolate that is committed to being truly good to each stakeholder along the chocolate value chain! If you prefer to pay fifteen cents less for machine made truffles with unknown shelf-lives from mega multinationals who don't share ingredients information, that's cool and available at every mall in America. Here, at Bon Bon Bon, we make Bon Bon Bons. It's a matter of taste! If you don't want to pay $3, it's chill.

How are Bons made?

Each one of our Bons is handcrafted by a small, dedicated staff in our Hamtramck location - just blocks from where Bon Bon Bon was first born.

From crafting the chocolate shells to hand making the fillings to sprinkling the Bons with magic -the process of making Bons is one of enthusiastic commitment and time. We don’t have any machines filling Bons or mixing up all the yummy fillings that land inside our chocolate shells. This is all done by the Babes Babes Babes of Bon Bon Bon. Some say it’s a lost art, but we’re old school in our approach.

Once the Bons are made our crew hand packages every single Bon so they can make their way to you! You can check out the outside packaging of your Bon to see when they were packaged and who packaged them by the initials on the box. This is a timely process and a labor of love and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you're keen to know what kind of ingredients go into a Bon, visit our allergy page.

What percentage is your dark chocolate?

This one’s a toughy. Since we blend our chocolate from multiple farms, it’s hard to give a specific number. It's somewhere in the mid seventies, but totally just depends on the blend. What we CAN tell you is that our chocolate is 100% good chocolate. 

Where do the flavors come from?

Our Bon flavors are inspired by anything and everything-our moms, our travels, our pets, our community and the list goes on and on and on. We like to think big and are continually experimenting with flavors and ideas!

If anyone is looking to do some academic research on innovation in a small company, we'd be curious to hear you tell us how this process is working! Teach us! We love learning! You can reach us at BonBonBon@BonBonBon.com

I saw a flavor on social media, why is it not in the store?

Because our Bons are handcrafted in small batches, using only the best ingredients we constantly rotate a number flavors to keep the selection fresh and as high quality as possible! Flavors posted on social media are often for special orders or will be hitting stores soon and may quickly sell out! If you have a question about a flavor send us an email or gives us a ring at our shop at (313) 316-1430

What's up with your packaging?

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" to us, is a problem that seems so easy to fix! Bon Bon Bons, or "Bons" as they're called on the street here in Detroit, are labeled, so you always know what you are going to get! The boxes are built to order which means you never need to guess how many are in a pound and we will never force you to fill a 12-piece box when all you wanted was eight! The packaging itself is 100% curbside recyclable and made in the Midwest! With the exception of the rubber band which we encourage you to reuse and share your pictures when you do! Turns out it’s good for wood projects, bunching your jeans so that you can put on your cowboy boots, bracelets, wallets, notebooks, and of course, holding your box of Bons shut in the case that you were unable to finish them all! 

How do I buy Bons?

You can purchase Bons online on our website or from one of our brick and mortar shops! We currently have a shop in Midtown Detroit and in Nickels Arcade in Ann Arbor. For specific store hours please check our website or give the shop a call. We also offer other things like t-shirts, mugs, beanies, pins and other cool things in our retail shops as well. 

Do you have classes? Host parties? Events?

We recently discontinued classes and our manufactory tours for the safety of our customers and team, but anticpate that those will come back before we know it! We do however offer virtual tastings & tours! If you would like to order Bons for a guided group tasting, please email Sales@BonBonBon.com to discuss. 

Will you donate to my cause?

Thank you for thinking of us for your upcoming event, collaboration or contribution. There is so much good work happening in the community around us, we are often overwhelmed with the number of opportunities that there are to participate. To open up bandwidth to contribute meaningfully to the things we believe in most, we made the decision to make a larger, systemic impact rather than continuing to help in a wide variety of little ways! For this reason, we no longer accept unsolicited requests for monetary donations, product, time, etc.

We have dedicated ourselves first and foremost to the wellbeing of our employees. The hospitality industry as a whole is one of the greatest supporters and developers of some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Bon Bon Bon has made a unique commitment to our team. We have chosen to contribute what little we can to our direct community to assist with asylum, getting people on their feet or on their feet again, and keeping our team employed, learning and even creating and thriving. Not everyone who starts at Bon Bon Bon is in a very Bon spot in life. We hope, and work hard, so that the longer someone is here, the more stability, family and care they feel around them. That often takes a lot of work and resources from our organization and team.

We do participate annually in a limited number of events that support neighbors and causes that are dear to our hearts that involve employees and neighbors of ours such as The Princess Prom, Rising Stars Academy, Rebel Nell, The Hamtramck Zen Center, Living Arts, The Empowerment Plan, and Alternatives for Girls. 

The fact is, we love our community, here and around the world, and even if you are not one of our current programs that we are directly supporting, we wish you the best and thank you for the Bon work that you are doing.    

How long do Bons last? How should I store them?

Our Bons are made fresh with local ingredients. Unlike more conventional chocolate, we don't use preservatives and tons of sugar, which means they taste way better but unfortunately do not last for months and months on a shelf like those that do have additional preservatives. You can bet that each Bon is good for a week after it leaves the shop. You can always check the “Best By” date on your Bons on the tape it came with to see when it is best to be eaten by. If you have a special event, place your order accordingly so your Bons are as fresh as possible. Don’t worry, we can help figure that out!  We suggest keeping Bons at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. If the temperature is higher than 70 degrees we suggest refrigeration so they don't turn into Bon soup, though that does sound kinda good? If you absolutely must refrigerate or freeze your Bons, please let them come to room temperature while still completely packaged before opening and enjoying for optimal texture experience!    

I want to be a Babe Babe Babe! How do I become one??

Whoa we're honored that you'd even want to join us! Check out our careers page and drop your info. We regularly look for seasonal help that could turn into a full-time position. Liking chocolate is a plus. Loving dogs is an even bigger plus.    

Are the Babes Babes Babes only Women?

No!!! People are babe-a-licious in all forms! We are proud to have a diverse and open minded crew of Babes Babes Babes here to make good chocolate for good people. Women are welcome, but so is everyone else!   

Media Inquiries

All media inquires can be emailed to BonBonBon@BonBonBon.com and we will respond as soon as possible!

Do you do weddings?

Weddings! Bat Mitzvahs! Quinces! Rehearsal Dinners! And everything in between! We love being a part of events and making custom Bons that fit your vision! We like to say "if you can dream it, we can (probably) make it happen!" Please email Sales@BonBonBon.com to inquire and we will get back to you ASAP! If you can include as much information about your event in your email (date, number of attendees, budget,etc.) this would be extra helpful to us! 

How do I eat a Bon?

This of course is everyone's favorite part!!! We always say you can enjoy a Bon in two polite or one less polite bite! We don’t judge.

Who owns Bon Bon Bon? Can I talk to them?

Bon Bon Bon is a Vandervarro company, committed to making the world just a little bit better. All business inquiries submitted to BonBonBon@BonBonBon.com will be directed to the responsible Babe Babe Babe on our team.   

How big is a Bon?

Each individual Bon is 1.21 x .9 x .9 in or 30.73 x 22.86mm and weighs about 18 grams +/-   

Do you offer wholesale?

We do! Many of our products are labelled for wholesale and more arrive with every season. By filling out this FORM you will automatically get added to our Wholesale Inquiry list which we reach out to quarterly. We would love to chat details! If you have any questions about this please reach out to us at BonBonBon@BonBonBon.com