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Bons are hand-piped, hand-packaged & shipped with care. Shipping costs are dependent on the temperature outside & how much ice and/or insulation your order might need. We recommend selecting the quickest shipping option to prevent meltage.
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The Fall Collection is an ode to our Michigan-roots. Figuratively and quite literally. This box of 12 delights is made using local farm fresh ingredients combined with our signature chocolate blends. The Fall Collection is particularly special because there isn’t some big chocolate holiday hovering around it, but rather there are lots of magical moments that make up the cozy season’s essence.

So while you might not have a planned gathering to take these to or a holiday party awaiting, we hope you find just the right moment to crack open your box of seasonal specials and maybe even share them with someone you love. From the Michigan soil that the veggies in each of these Bon Bons came from, to our kitchen, into your hands, we hope you love this product as much as we loved the journey to make them. Bon appétit!


Flavors in this Collection include:

1. Squish Squash - Pepita gianduja atop squash confiture with warm spices

2. Cider & Donuts - Apple cider confiture, cider donut ganache, cinnamon sugar

3. Zucchini Bread & Honey Butter - Zucchini butter cream, slice of honey" butter", chocolate zucchini "skin"

4. Chai Guy - Caramelized vanilla bean ganache, spicy chai caramel

5. Smoked Maple Pecan Pie - Pecan gianduja atop a smoked maple custard caramel ganache

6. Caprese - Basil mascarpone ganache, tomato balsamic confiture

7. Salty Ol Sage - Brown butter sage caramel, salted milk chocolate ganache, dark chocolate

8. Quince-a-Dense - Pistachio Joconde ganache, quince confiture

9. Fall to Peaches - Peach praline confiture, crumble

10. Parsnip-i-tea - Parsnip buttermilk caramel, darjeeling infused dark chocolate ganache

11. Sweet P - Bourbon caramel sweet potato ganache, toasted marshmallow

12. Before Bed Bourbon - Herbaceous dark chocolate ganache, whisky caramel


For specific ingredient and allergy information, shoot us an email at bonbonbon@bonbonbon.com, send us a pigeon carrier, or knock on our door to get the deets. Please note that is a pre-sale. Select the week that works best for you & the one you would like your Collection to ship out.

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  • 5
    Great collection!

    Posted by Kat on Oct 20th 2021

    The fall 2021 collection is amazing! Every bon is a unique combo of flavors that are somewhat unexpected but delicious! Not a bad one in the batch!

  • 5
    Tres Bon Bon Bon!

    Posted by Hannah on Oct 18th 2021

    I always look forward to the Bon Bon Bon seasonal collections and this one may just be my favorite yet- I haven’t finished it yet and I’m saving some of my most anticipated for last (hello Smoked Maple Pecan Pie and I Fall to Peaches!) but Chai Guy and Squish Squash were both *chef’s kiss*

  • 5
    Amazing as always!

    Posted by Tatiyanna on Oct 18th 2021

    This was the first time getting their seasonal flavors, but a long time fan and it was amazing! This was also the first time having them shipped further since we moved out of state, but the packaging to keep everything fresh and safe was perfect and survived the trip!!

  • 5
    Fall Collection

    Posted by Sue on Oct 12th 2021

    As always, you babes, babes, babes, have made something amazing. Love the unique flavors you put together. Each candy is a little package full of surprise. Highly recommend as a gift or especially for yourself

  • 5
    Every Flavor is a Hit

    Posted by Justine Sacco on Oct 11th 2021

    Absolutely no misses in this box, and love all the effort that went into incorporating goods from local Michigan businesses and producers. Also, if Bon Bon Bon wants to start selling jars of the pumpernickel espresso dark chocolate ganache so I can spread it on my toast every day for the rest of my life, that would be swell.