Well, hello there!

Thank you for thinking of us for your upcoming event, collaboration or contribution. There is so much good work happening in the community around us, we are often overwhelmed with the number of opportunities that there are to participate. For many years, we would receive more donations requests in a day than we would make in sales! To open up bandwidth to contribute meaningfully to the things we believe in most, we made the decision to make a larger, systemic impact rather than continuing to help in a wide variety of little ways! For this reason, we no longer accept unsolicited requests for monetary donations, product, time, etc. 

We have dedicated ourselves first and foremost to the wellbeing of our employees. The hospitality industry as a whole is one of the greatest supporters and developers of some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Bon Bon Bon has made a unique commitment to our team. We have chosen to contribute what little we can to our direct community to assist with asylum, getting people on their feet or on their feet again, and keeping our team employed, learning and even creating and thriving. Not everyone who starts at Bon Bon Bon is in a very Bon spot in life. We hope, and work hard, so that the longer someone is here, the more stability, family and care they feel around them. That often takes a lot of work and resources from our organization and team. 

You also might have noticed how much we enjoy when you bring in your dog! Bon Bon Bon is a fully packaged product and so yes, you are allowed to bring your dog in. We make a custom "Bone Bone Bone" called Bonito that we contribute the proceeds of to a different local animal rescue related charity throughout the year. Your best friend, whether they have fur or not, has a chance to pay it forward the next time that they are here!

And do you know about our greater cause? It’s a good one! You see, we believe that good people deserve good chocolate. We also make every effort to source responsibly. We source the most delicious, beautiful chocolates from our friends in Ecuador and Colombia, and visit often! It's an amazing thing to be so connected to a community that is so far away! We love our community around Detroit, too! You'll find all kinds of Bon things from Better Made Potato Chips to Michigan cherries to L. Mawby, Anthology Coffee, Dutch Girl Donuts, and so many more of our neighbors' good work in our chocolate, too!

We do participate annually in a limited number of events that support neighbors and causes that are dear to our hearts and involve employees and neighbors of ours such as The Princess Prom, Rising Stars Academy, Rebel Nell, The Hamtramck Zen Center, Living Arts and The Empowerment Plan. 

The fact is, we love our community, here and around the world, and even if you are not one of our current programs, we wish you the best and thank you for the Bon work that you are doing. 

Thanks so much for thinking of us. Thank you for allowing us the space and time to contribute to the things that are close to home for us. And, of course, have a Bon day!