Well hello there! Thank you for thinking of us for your event/organization/charity. When it comes to working with charities or local brands in the past, we have made custom Bons, developed personalized flavors, taught classes, provided Bons for events, thrown fund-raising parties, supplied a make-your-own-Bon station (and more!) all while supporting the community as much as possible. 

And do you know about our greater cause? It’s a good one! You see, we believe that good people deserve good chocolate and that means we source it responsibly from Ecuador and Colombia. We get chocolate from small farms knowing that our support can help whole communities in other countries. (And not to mention, we also think it's the most Bon chocolate ever.)

The fact is, we keep ourselves busy with the community as well as with sustainable programs so we might not be able to assist at this time - but even if we are not able to contribute, we wish you all the best.

Thanks so much for thinking of us. Have a Bon day!

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