Zodiac Bon: Virgo!

Zodiac Bon: Virgo!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 10th 2021

Vir-GO-GO-GO and getchya Bon! Yea, it's here, it's weird. But not too weird because we know that would've thrown all you Virgo's for a real loopedy loop! We wanted to keep ya ~grounded~ per your zillion requests to do so. So we did what we could with we had avail.

Our kitchen queen Sam, made a killer whipped tarragon dark chocolate ganache, blended together five spice with some fresh peaches and turned that dreamy mixture into a caramel you wouldn't bee-leive! Then our Babes finished this bb off with some salted and not-too-spicy but just-the-right-amount-of-zingyness ancho candied cocoa nibs.

We let a real virgo try this one before it hit the shelves and Omar R. from the West Coast said "Ahh one with the Earth, just like me. I approve." So there ya have it!

Now we're on a journey to get a ton more fresh produce for our up and coming new Bons (Yep! You heard it here first!) We'll probably hit up our #1 market Honey Bee, our #1.0 fave spot Eastern Market ofc. Who nose, maybe we'll poke around some cider mills for the heck of it!? Or with intent? Stick around a while longer to find out....