Winter Bon of the Season: Pepper-Mint

Winter Bon of the Season: Pepper-Mint

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Jan 17th 2023

What flavor screams, “Yeah, it’s winter and we live in Michigan”? Pep pep peppermint anything! Once upon a time we thought just a blizzardy something would do the trick to stay on theme, but why make a duck look like a cow? So we just leaned right into winter and went with a good ole fashioned pepper-mint hard piece.

Que Seasonal Flavor: Pepper-Mint

Bundle your winter dreams into a chocolate two piece bite and you get Peppermint blended with white pepper in buttery white chocolate from our friends over at Conexión chocolate. Ever had one of Avalon’s many seasonal winter hot drinks? They do an insane job of making the winter kind of drinks that you actually want and will actually drink the entire thing of - anyway - a few sips of one of those + a few bites of pepper-mint and you could be in California thinking you’re in a Michigan winter with those flavors floating about.

Or in case you are more interested in feeling like a snow bird during these Mich cold seasons, check out Casamara Club to transport you right back to the backyard BBQ feeling you’re chasing. Meanwhile, we will be here, soaking up winter in all the ways.

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