Two Lips Meyer Lemon Tulip Lollipop

Two Lips Meyer Lemon Tulip Lollipop

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on May 13th 2022

Flowers that don't die? We got you. Oh- and thy taste like lemons and they are actually chocolate, hope that's chill. 

This Spring, The Babes Babes Babes bring you: A Two Lips Meyer Lemon Tulip Lollipop bouquet! A creamy Meyer Lemon chocolate lollipop all bundled up in 2. Meyer lemons are an especially delicious varietal of lemon that has a darker skin and is sweeter than a regular lemon with a more robust lemon flavor rather than just being generally sour. Check out this write up that explains better than we can what the hell a Meyer Lemon is. 

So if you are looking to ditch the seasonal allergies and stay inside while enjoying the scent of flowers, order one of these chocolate pops and skip on the Benadryl. 

While these might not be as colorful as the tulips in Holland, MI they are undoubtedly the most rarest of the Tulip-varietal in all of Hamtramck, MI. On occasion they can be found in Plymouth at Graye's Greenhouse and if you ask the staff at University Flower Shop in Ann Arbor, they will tell you exactly where you can find 'em.