The Winter Collection

The Winter Collection

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Nov 29th 2021

SHOP THE WINTER COLLECTION NOW! Don't be a scrooge and forget to bring to something to the dinner party. 

Available also at our shops. Find them in our Ann Arbor store or our Midtown Detroit store

Cranberry Crumble

A layer of butter crumble atop cranberry cardamom confiture


Layers of peppermint and white pepper in a buttery white chocolate

Ginger Molasses

Gingerbread spiced caramel ganache, dark chocolate

Sugar Cookie & Butter

Buttery sugar cookie ganache, vanilla bean, sugar 

Polar Vortex

Coconut cake ganache, coconut buttercream, sprinkles

Rum Spiked Nog

Rum spiked nog custard ganache, nutmeg

Nutty or Nice

Chestnut white chocolate ganache, redcurrant confiture, pecan gianduja

Kiss & Mo-cha

Extra creamy chocolate ganache paired with dark coffee ganache, topped with a light marshmallow cream

White Pine

Pine needle & pine nut dark chocolate ganache

This Hottie Named Todd

Darjeeling-infused lemon honey ganache, cinnamon whiskey caramel, glazed citron

Flake It Till U Make It

Pineapple amaretto infused milk chocolate with flakes of croquantine, toasted coconut and cherry

Eat, Drink & Rosemary

Rosemary dark chocolate with orange peel, olives and almond croquant