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The Stamp Maker

The Stamp Maker

Jul 22nd 2019

We love The Stamp Maker. Not only is it a woman-owned company right in Plymouth, Michigan (Alexandra's hometown) but the stamps are great quality, the customer services is dreamy and the stamps are ready by the next day!

Stamps have been a huge part of Bon Bon Bon from the beginning. Initially the corrugated box was stamped for each flavor with a corresponding number. 

We also liked to change up stamps on the exterior based on the season, or with the company name, or with any specific messaging that's important!

Now each Bon has the flavor/ingredients right on the Bon! But you better believe we stamp each Bon and initial it so we know who packaged it. Not only do those who package find pride in their work, but it also adds such a personal touch because each Bon is hand-packaged and hand-stamped!

We are excited to see how the role of stamps stays a part of Bon Bon Bon while evolving with our brand! Be sure to pop into The Stamp Maker and get a custom stamp and say hi to Brittany and Stephanie while you're there!