Texture Tuesdays: Strawberry and Balsamic - Bon Bon Bon
Texture Tuesdays: Strawberry and Balsamic

Texture Tuesdays: Strawberry and Balsamic

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Aug 25th 2020

Strawberry and balsamic go together like strawberry and balsamic. Adding the perfectly balanced dark chocolate blend and super fruity, light spice-ful (but not spicy) Spanish olive oil to that magical combo kind of feels like less-like being a chocolatier and more like cheating. As with many Bons, there is no magical transformation here. Nothing human is needed. In fact, shame on us if we messed up this beautiful pile of ingredients!

That said, there is always room to make it better and better. The search for the perfect olive oil to make this bon as magical s it could be was a journey all on its own.  We tried expensive oils from strange places with interesting (read: weird) flavors, we went though bulk olive oils with floral notes. Pretty much every specialty food vendor that came in to try to sell to us, we'd ask just to try the olive oils. We tasted every olive oil you can taste at Zingermans (link: https://www.zingermansdeli.com/). And when we found the right one, oh we knew!  It was fruity enough to accent the strawberries, but not so punchy to overpower them. It was smooth but bold, and could stand up to the complexity of our dark chocolate. It was the one.

The small olive mill in Acuela, Grenada (https://www.omedoil.com/en/content/7-about-us) where our dream olive oil is produced makes some truly special oils balancing tradition with new technology for the best quality possible. 

One of the values at the core of Bon Bon Bon is quality. Quality work. Quality products. We believe that if we are going to spend our time making something, that it should be of the highest quality that we can make. We believe in sourcing quality ingredients and working with reputable companies.These partners are one of the reasons we can make good chocolate for good people. And by supporting good people doing good business we can make our community and the world a better place.