Texture Tuesday: The Rustler - Bon Bon Bon
Texture Tuesday: The Rustler

Texture Tuesday: The Rustler

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Oct 13th 2020

Rumor has it my Aunt Susie had the recipe down to make just one Ranger cookie at a time when she was a kid. Like one single cookie! I was always really impressed by that. Not just for a kid to do the kitchen math, but the pure cookie gusto! Want a cookie, make it-even it's it's just one. I'm into that.

The Rustler isn't purely a ranger cookie, but that's certainly where it has it's roots...and of course Aunt Susie!  It's a ranger with a nod to the Samoa-one of those classic cookies a lot of the Babes Babes Babes either sold as a kid or continue to enjoy as adults. Basically, the Rustler bon is a mish mash-layers of textures, flavors, a little bit of salt and a touch of creaminess in a dark chocolate shell, just for a little contrast. Although it is coconut-y it's not coconut forward, we lean on the coconut for texture so it's creamy in a totally plant based way.It's the perfect meddling of nuttiness, some crunch and creamy, gooey caramel goodness. 

When we named it, we wanted it to be cowboy-themed in some way but researching we realized that this little Detroit chocolate company, although full of humans from all over the planet, is not well versed in cowboy speak. And it's vegan, so not really sure how that goes together, but what it lacks in nomenclature, it makes up for in flavor!