Texture Tuesday: Sticky Bon - Bon Bon Bon
Texture Tuesday: Sticky Bon

Texture Tuesday: Sticky Bon

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Oct 6th 2020

The Sticky Bon is an ode to that center bite of a sticky bun, you know, the best bite! Have you ever had one of those fresh, crispy chewy buttery spicy good ones from a local bakery or the farmers market or an aunts house that was just, ideal? It's the kind of thing where you go through the whole experience enjoying piece by piece by piece and then you get to that one center bite and somehow, like magic, the whole thing gets even better and you start to question the amazing experience that you already had?

About The Ingredients: 

One of the most difficult ingredients for us to source for this is the pearl sugar, which we are lucky that they import here to the United States so we can give each Bon that little extra crunch! https://www.surlatable.com/pro-1715846-sugr-belgian-perl-8oz-box/PRO-1715846.html

We use Missouri heritage pecans because they're packed with flavor, and being packed with flavor is important when there are some major flavors going on in the same bon: https://mopecans.com

Oh, and of course the caramel! We mimic that sticky glaze with our most buttery, lightly salty and super caramel-y caramel that we make in our manufactory in Hamtramck, just down the street where it all began. 

Fun Fact: Did you know the sticky Bon was one of the original Bons that debuted when we first opened our shop to the public in 2014! link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEekQ12lxDg/