Texture Tuesday: High Tea - Bon Bon Bon
Texture Tuesday: High Tea

Texture Tuesday: High Tea

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Oct 20th 2020

All our bons are special in their own way, like kids in the same family. They all have their quirks, the traits that make you laugh, that make them unique and extremely one of a kind. #2 High Tea is no different. 

High Tea, with all its amazing textures and complexities is especially special because it is in honor of a dear friend and chef, John. He's one of Alex's buddies and favorite humans, but most importantly "he's especially fun to eat with" she says. 

One year John and Alex went to New York. John had this persistent belief in his head that they were going to get High Tea at the Waldorf Astoria (Learn more about this historic hotel here: Hight Tea At The Waldorf). Well, this bon is a high five to this unforgettable experience and an ode to John's love for the finer things. Oh, and of course there's the amazing play on words. 

Our High Tea bon has hemp seeds, bright earthiness and a touch of smoke, it has bergamot, cream and an Earl Grey Devonshire buttercream. It's one half college and one half grandma.This Bon is really meant for dark chocolate lovers. If you are a dark chocolate lover this is your bon. It's as dark and serious as it gets here - not that it's serious in taste (the cornflower petals on the top brings some refined fun to this baby) it just packs a lot of complexity and is pretty intense. This bon has a lot of layers to unpack, but once you do we really think it's a bon you'll never forget, just like that trip of John and Alex's to NYC.