Texture Tuesday: Bour-Bon-Bon-Bon - Bon Bon Bon
Texture Tuesday: Bour-Bon-Bon-Bon

Texture Tuesday: Bour-Bon-Bon-Bon

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 15th 2020

Whiskey Caramel is our workhorse caramel around here. It combines whiskey and heavy cream in a way similar to how you might combine butter and scotch and make butterscotch. Although they sound like they would be close cousins, in real life the same technique can yield very different flavor profiles when using different ingredients! Whiskey caramel ends up backing up the sugar/salt balance of the caramel with something a little smoky, with some indistinguishable warm spice to it that is inherently honey-y and caramel-y itself. It's like an even-more-caramely caramel.

For us, "tricks" like this are of the essence because they are essential means to expressing full, complicated and concise flavor cross sections within a Bon that is a petite 9 x .9 x 1.21 inches. Packing big and clear flavor into the container of a Bon can be a challenge, especially when you're working with chocolate, a powerful and complex flavor in and of itself! If there is a way for us to make sure that a filling is super flavor forward without being overwhelming, it's an advantage because it allows us to give the impression of that flavor efficiently without having to use large amounts of a nuanced flavor, therefore impacting texture.

For the Bour-Bon-Bon-Bon we use Two James Whiskey around here because they are our friends and neighbors. Although there is very little to absolutely no alcohol present in this Bon (as per Michigan Liquor Law), we are thankful for the incredible flavor that they lend to our Bons through the craftsmanship that they dedicate to their work! (link: https://twojames.com/our-spirits/

Fun fact: Did you know that Two Jame was the first distillery in Detroit to open since Prohibition?

Lastly, the decor on top is a tiny slice of glace orange and a chocolate ice cube as a nod to your favorite whiskey/bourbon drink. Bourbon ganache needs no description, what goes better together than chocolate and bourbon?