Swimming Turtle - Bon Bon Bon
Swimming Turtle

Swimming Turtle

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 1st 2020

There are so many kinds of turtles, animal and candy alike. We like all animal turtles, but we don't like all candy turtles. It's nothing against them it's just that some of them are so chocolate-y that they are hard to bite through! Others have the caramel that is more like a milk dud gone wrong and they stick in your teeth and never come out. Others have a nut-to-chocolate/caramel ratio that is all off. 

The swimming turtle is our answer, or maybe our attempt at the perfect turtle in the form of a Bon. 

Here, the caramel is the kind where, when you bite through it, you can just barely see your teeth marks in the caramel before they disappear into an ooze and a stretch. We top that with tempered milk chocolate to seal, and then top THAT with a toasty American heritage pecan. What's that you ask? It's a pecan the way pecans were when pecans were just pecans! Native to the United States, pecans used to be tiny guys packed with flavors. Tiny pecans with lots of flavor are perfect for us! These guys are like the grocery store version, but if you packed the big flavor and big size down into a smaller, zoomed in version. 

Oh! And salt. Maldon sea salt, just a bit, a tiny bit, right on top, because salt.