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Sticker Mule For Life

Sticker Mule For Life

Nov 13th 2019

Here at Bon Bon Bon we're a big fan of water adhesive shipping tape. It's used on our individual Bons to package them up AND on the boxes AND on the retail pods (shown above). While we're transitioning to large orders of this tape we've been using Sticker Mule and it's been a dream. 

Not only has it been a great way to test out new designs, but the tape is great quality. They print full full bleed and the colors are spot on and vibrant. 

We used it as belly band tape to include our info on each box at Emporiyum last weekend and are definitely getting more to use for our winter collection boxes. Remember our Street Beet collab with the veggie print tape? Yeah, that was Sticker Mule too!

Get ready because the winter boxes are going to be sooooo cool and pretty. You might freak out.