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Spring Reminders!

Spring Reminders!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Mar 23rd 2021

Spring has officially sprung and us Michigander Babes couldn't be happier!

Spring time means so many bon things are on the horizon... beautiful picnics, days in the park, blooming flowers, green grass, dogs everywhere, and the long awaited- warm weather! That's why we are here to remind you of a few essentials as we head into this lush & warmer season. I've gone ahead and listed out (in order of importance of course) some very important things for you to remember and tell everyone you know: 

  1. Always keep extra bons on you! Who knows, you might meet the love of your life sitting at a park bench and need to have a reason to talk to them! Wouldn't that be horrible if that did happen and you didn't have any bons on hand?!
  2. Don't forget that your doggo is v excited about spring time too! Treat your lil baby to a Boneito because they deserve a treat for how bon they've been <3 
  3. Okay, it's been a week already... just change the clock in your car and on the microwave. It's time. I know doing the math in your head isn't hard, but you're going to have to do it eventually, so let it be now!
  4. Drink water. Sparkling and/or flavored, I won't judge, just make sure it happens! (pairs well with anything and everything). The Babes' drink of choice: ice cold Topo Chico
  5. Ok last thing- since it issss getting warmer, depending on where you are in the world, you might need to make sure you opt in for 2nd day shipping service. If you don't, your chocolate might sit around for too many days in those extra hot UPS facilities and arrive to you in soup form! You don't want that, I promise. 

Need some springtime activities inspo? Go checkout New Center in Detroit! Starting Friday, April 2nd, local business will open late from 6-8pm and are ready for a good time! They'll be playing music running specials, and doing lots of fun giveaways! Check out some of our friends at Ferne BoutiqueYum VillageFull Lotus YogaThe KitchenUrbanum DetroitBoabab Fare, and more!

OK- Now that we've gone over the most important things, feel free to print and put on your fridge, tell your mom, bestie, cousin, 3rd cousin, neighbor who's not really a neighbor but lives a couple blocks away, and/or send a mass email to everyone you know and love. You don't want them to miss their chance of love, have a sad dog, be late, dehydrated, and get melted chocolate delivered to them, so do them this favor and let them know.

Stay Bon, Friends!