Spring Collection TEASER - Bon Bon Bon
Spring Collection TEASER

Spring Collection TEASER

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Mar 30th 2021

Here-He Here-He!!! I've got something so bon to tell you that I'm nearly bursting at the seams! We've been waiting since before Valentine's Day to share this, but we didn't want to spoil your last box of chocolates! You could imagine how difficult it's been for me to keep this ultra mega-ly huge-nificent secret for all this time....well....... here it is..... *DRUMROLL*


YUP!!! You heard that right, the long-awaited Spring Collection 2021 is on the horizon. It's so close I can almost smell it... oh wait... I can! The Babes are ~quite literally~ cooking up some tester bons as I sit here and write this v importante mensaje to all you beautiful peeps of the universe! Okay, well as you prep yourself for this bontastic collection, here is some of what you can expect from this Spring Collection: 

  • There will NOT be any pre sales for this Collection. These will all be first-come first-serve!!!
  • These are scheduled to release on April 24th at 12pm EST! Mark your calendars & set your alarms, peeps!
  • This Collection is super ultra cute and your mom will love it (pssssttt...Mother's Day is May 9th)
  • This Collection is pretty PG and would be a great one to share with all the kiddos in your life :)
  • You're probs going to want to preserve both the packaging and the chocolates forever and ever because of how beautiful and cute and cool the whole thing is going to be

Okay well since you asked, (I know you didn't ask out loud, but don't worry, I'm a mind reader), here is an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at this year's Spring Collection for you to start drooling over!!! Enjoy & these bbs will see you on April 24th ;)