Spring Collection Drops TOMORROW! - Bon Bon Bon
Spring Collection Drops TOMORROW!

Spring Collection Drops TOMORROW!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Apr 23rd 2021

With the changing colors of the budding-udding flowers that are sprinkled across the grass, comes a new season! And with that, comes a new Bon Bon Bon Collection! So the Babes Babes Babes put their brains together, started blowing up the team group chat to bounce ideas around, and gave it all they got to assemble the most cutie box of chocolates you ever did see! 

Without further ado, we present: The Spring Collection! In which we decided to very fittingly name - Everything's Coming Up Daisies. These will be available April 24th at 12pm EST both in-stores and Bonline! But be quick! 

This Collection is a limited release and will be shipped over the course of 2 different weeks, either the week of 4/26 or the week of 5/3, your choice! This is to make sure that we, The Babes Babes Babes, are able to get all these orders out to all you good people of the world, in a timely fashion! Now get excited, because if you end up joining the bright side and ordering the Spring Collection, this is what you got headed your way:

Toasty Lady - Toasted rosemary custard ganache, caramelized sugar

Pine and Dandy - Roasted dandelion root shortbread cookie ganache, Douglas Fir spring tip honey caramel

Long Thyme, No Sea - Thyme caramel, salted chocolate chip cookie ganache

Dose of Daisies - Kunluin daisy tea ganache, tan slice layer, fondant, Daisy Dog

Cardi-Brie - Pear cardamom caramel, brie ganache, sanding of sugar

Robin’s Egg - Avocado key lime custard, meringue egg

Metamorphic - Butterfly pea cheesecake ganache, passionfruit curd, edible wafer butterfly

Mallow Out - Marshmallow root infused dark chocolate ganache, lavender mallow ganache, chamomile petals, dark drizzle, marshmallow dust

K, CYA - Cassia milk chocolate ganache, cassia creme fraiche caramel, fondant

Rosa Linda - Peanut marzipan gianduja, jalapeno confiture, dark drizzle, rose petal

Duke of Manduka - Manuka honey caramel, saffron infused ganache, 24k gold

Mel-der-flower - Elderflower icing atop an orange soaked brown butter Kentucky butter cake, cilantro crystals, sprinkles, elderflowers 

See you on April 24th at 12pm EST ;)