SHAMINT - Bon Bon Bon


Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Mar 16th 2021

In the whimsical world of chocolate shop fun, holidays and times of celebration are quite possibly the best thing ever. It's a time of cheer, happiness, festive decor, comradery, and let's not forget- LIMITED EDITION TREATS! This month, we wanted to enjoy the green-filled-holiday not just on March 17th, but all month long. That's why, when The Babes Babes Babes gathered around the table to brainstorm what flavor we should feature for our Bon of the Month, it was no surprise that we came up with SHAMINT! Speaking of which, we've been getting a lot of questions as to how to say that or what that even means or where it came from, so I'm here to clear the air..... 

SH-AH (with a michigander's dialect) - MINT.

Why? How? Huh?

Well one day, late in February, a couple of grown up Babes were discussing the toys that they each got in their Happy Meals. Yes, you read that correctly. Well that conversation ended up leading to a very lovey-dovey chit chat about Shamrock Shakes and their outrageous love for them and BOOM! They knew in that moment, that we had to pay homage to the beloved ~Shamrock Shake~. 

But then walks in mint. All minty and mighty like mint usually does. Mint isn't the kind of guy that likes being put aside and is by no means a push over. So that was pretty clear to us. Which is why our friend Mr.Mint had to take up half of the name! The Babes absolutely NEEEDED to at least have the "SHA" from their forever favorite shamrock shake in the name, but of course- Mint came in and demanded he have the rest of the name. So that's why, how, and HUH to your question about our dear friend Shamint. 

But back to business! Don't forget to take advantage of all that luck that has been compounding over the last year and get your limited-edition goodies while you can! Our friends over at Avalon Cafe are serving up the Nutty Irishmen and tons of other festive menu items for you to enjoy in the AM, while our buddies at Two James Spirits have mixed up some cocktail magic in a can for you to crack open in the PM. 

Spread Luck not Germs,

Theobroma Cacao