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Rebel Nell Collaboration!

Rebel Nell Collaboration!

Feb 4th 2019

When I was little my dad brought home paint chips from a car factory he was working at and we spent the night polishing them down on the end of a dowel rod until we could see layers of color. Polishing is one of my dad's favorite things to do, and most of the projects that we did in that magical workshop of his were less colorful, so this was a good project.

The first time I visited the Rebel Nell production space, it was just as magical. I was so impressed by the women there who were able to see beyond in a way that I could not. To an untrained eye, their medium is just a bunch of flakes of paint. But, the way they sort though these sheets and see their potential was such a craft - we were all taken back.

In the same vein, to an untrained eye Rebel Nell could seem like "just a jewelry company" but beyond their unique technique and dedication to their craft, their dedication to their employees and community is what keeps us collaborating on a project that pays homage to their amazing product year after year.

The Rebel Nell collaboration night is one of Borna and I's favorite nights at Bon Bon Bon. We form our Bons the way we do for a reason - largely to respect and protect our own medium, the chocolate, which we spend so much time and energy and resources sourcing. It's efficiency in design - and we try to let the materials themselves shine - Ecuadorian and Colombian chocolate, local cream, ingredients from next door and around the world. But for one night, it's on. It's not just about the ingredients, it's about our friends.

And so we pull out the cocoa butter colors and we paint and fleck and spray and drizzle. We pull out color after color until each and every Bon is unique, each detail perfect, and really true to the design and brand of Rebel Nell. 

These are truly art! And we're so happy with how they turned out. They blend in with the beauty that Rebel Nell sees and we are already excited for next year.